Adjustable slats to protect city hall employees from the sun

Adjustable slats to protect city hall employees from the sun

On the agenda of the youngest meeting of the planning and environment committee were also three resolutions of recommendation for the city council on the new construction of the city hall. For this purpose, project manager christoph schmidt from the office BSS-architekten came to the meeting in the interim town hall and presented the designs with a presentation.

In march 2018, it was decided that a textile sunshade should be installed on the new town hall building. However, it has now become clear that the sun protection is not effective enough. The new pavilion at the carl-platz school was equipped this way, and after this year’s summer, the teachers would like to see a change. As renate schroff (SPD) reported from conversations with the teachers, the sun shines right into the corners of the classrooms in question and the children even have to be moved. This means that the planned sun protection for the town hall cannot be used.

More energetic

The statements by mayor german hacker (SPD) and his deputy led, as expected, to a lively discussion. The mayor asked that the matter also be considered from an energy point of view, because a sunshade should have the effect of keeping the warm air in. He quickly calculated how much energy would be needed to cool the rooms.

Instead of textile sun protection, reefing blinds should be installed. As project manager schmidt explained, venetian blinds are an external sun protection system with adjustable slats and are closely related to venetian blinds.

“Venetian blinds and venetian shades keep the rooms cool in summer and save heating costs in winter”, the mayor campaigned for a repeal of the march 2018 resolution. “Visually, it disturbs me massively”, criticized CSU city councilor walter drebinger. He had other personal experiences from his home area. There is also a textile that does not let the sun through because aluminum is woven into it.

The project manager pointed out that the louvers are available in several different colors, after walter drebinger described the design as too dark and gloomy and not in keeping with the facade. After the exchange of the different opinions and arguments mayor hacker liked to vote and with ten votes against three it is recommended to the city council to cancel the decision and to decide for raffstores.


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