After the death of a two-year-old: 25-year-old in custody

After the death of a two-year-old: 25-year-old in custody

On sunday morning, the 25-year-old mechatronics technician alerted the emergency services and informed them that the son of his 21-year-old companion was lying lifeless in bed. Also the arriving emergency doctor could not help the little boy any more and could only determine its death. The child-mother did not stay at home on this weekend and stayed with acquaintances.
Detectives from coburg immediately took up the investigation. As a result, an autopsy of the child's body was ordered to determine the cause of death. A brain hemorrhage was found to be the cause of the tragic death of the infant.
After inconsistencies in the account of the 25-year-old, who had reported that the child had fallen down a flight of stairs on saturday, criminal investigators arrested the man on monday before he could be released. On tuesday, at the request of the public prosecutor's office, the investigating judge issued a warrant for the young man's arrest on suspicion of bodily injury resulting in death.
The pending investigation into the circumstances of the little boy's death continues. 



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