Also the thurnau golf course suffers from the drought

The persistent rain deficit of recent months is not only worrying farmers and garden owners, but is also causing problems for the golf club of upper franconia in terms of maintaining the functionality of the golf course at petershof in thurnau. The effects of the drought on the 65-hectare sports field, the largest in the district of kulmbach, therefore dominated the reports and resolutions at the well-attended annual general meeting in the clubhouse.

Head greenkeeper dirk schmoll pointed out that the ideal condition of the playing surfaces could no longer be guaranteed for months last year. This spring, the precipitation required for new irrigation and growth activation was already in deficit at one hundred liters per square meter.

100 cubic meters a day

Therefore, the maintenance of the course is currently concentrated on the functional areas, which requires about one hundred cubic meters of water each day.

President matthias kruger pointed out that even this minimal watering program was already putting a considerable strain on the club's finances.

“Even if the money were available, we golfers would not want to use excessive drinking water for irrigation purposes.” Instead, the golf club of upper franconia stands for a course of resource conservation “precisely because the landscape is our capital”.

Switched to hybrid

According to matthias kruger, an important step on the way to greater sustainability last year was, among other things, the complete conversion of the machinery to hybrid technology. “We thus paid – much noticed in the golf scene – to the pioneers in germany.” The professionalization of the club's management with the new club manager steffen zinke played a major role in this development.

The functional capability of the course is not only necessary to enable the members to play golf, kruger emphasized. In the 50 years of its existence, the course in thurnau has also become a sought-after sporting venue for guest golfers. With the many individual guests, but also with the hosting of several supra-regionally important golf events, the golf club has proven to be an economic factor for the region.

Chairman wolfgang turk underlined this by pointing out that the number of guest players had increased by 60.9 percent compared to 2017. “Our guests came from no fewer than 144 clubs in germany and neighboring countries.” The high attractiveness of the numerous tournaments had been given thanks to numerous sponsors from the circle of the members and from the regional economy.

Members donate

Treasurer hubert grunbaum pointed out that a deficit had arisen in the budget, in particular due to the increased costs of site maintenance and the clearing of an investment backlog. However, the hole in the budget could be plugged with a donation campaign by the members, which has already been successfully launched. The fact that the solidity of the finances of their golf club is obviously a heart concern for the members showed itself in the meeting by the fact that with only one dissenting vote also a contribution increase was decided.

The board announced that it would also present a package of measures by the fall to stabilize income and increase membership numbers. “There is still a need to make it clear, especially to young people, how fascinating golf is” said kruger. With the “zero round 2018” the club does not want to be satisfied with the development of membership, even though the thurnau club is performing slightly above average compared to the development of golf in germany.

Among the promotional activities is a “golf experience day am 2. June, which will be free to attend from 10 a.M. To 4 p.M.G.H.


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