And it just keeps on splashing

The field on the weinberg near gestungshausen was still a community forest when the klausenquelle was captured and restored in 1970. The place with its seating and the splashing water, even in the driest summer, quickly became a popular destination for a sunday stroll. Now, 50 years later, it has taken on a new shine.

“The surroundings had taken on a bit of patina”, paraphrases forster bernd lauterbach. After the incorporation of gestungshausen into sonnefeld, the community forest was sold and today belongs to the coburg forestry operation of the bavarian state forestry commission (baysf). According to bernd lauterbach, the company has paid a four-digit sum for this public service task.

Half-trunks made of oak wood were built up as benches, the spring socket and fountain were cleaned and repaired, and pipes were rewound. Now the place is again an inviting place, which is visited particularly also in times of the corona restrictions again actively.

Well sponsors found

“To make sure everything stays that way, we looked for sponsors who always keep an eye on the place”, explains bernd lauterbach. He found such godfathers twice. Hunting leaseholder bernd hocherich has known the spring and the klausenbrunnen since he was a child. In the future, he will keep a close eye on the technical installations. As chairwoman of the horticultural association, antje hartan assures that the members will help to keep the area well maintained.

A layer dams the water

Springs like the klausenbrunnen exist in several places in the region. Bernd lauterbach explains the geological background. “At the vineyard, shell limestone meets variegated sandstone. In between there is a waterlogged layer of red clay as a spring horizon.” Along this layer, the water then emerges from the mountain at a suitable point. The catchment area is only forest. Even if the klausenbrunnen does not officially provide drinking water, the quality was at least good enough for visitors to let their pets drink with confidence.

Water for a biotope

The spillway reliably supplies water to a wetland a little below it. A habitat populated by amphibians. Nature-loving hikers can look around the fountain and try to number the tree species they find there. For those who want to cheat, an information board next to the fountain tells them that there are ten of them – but not which ones.

In times of climate change, diversity is the recipe for forestry to ensure stable forests in the future as well. Because different tree species have very different requirements for their location and water supply, a broad mixture ensures that at least some of the tree species can always cope with the respective conditions to a certain extent.

So the image of the forest will probably change in the coming decades, also around the klausenquelle and its well.

The fountain will continue to bubble – at least that is the hope of all those who have already prepared the square. And the fact that the klausen fountain has always splashed evenly in the past two years of drought, lets its friends remain confident.


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