Barrier-free access to the train in coburg

Barrier-free access to the train in coburg

No red carpet, no ribbon cutting, not even an information sign. A premiere actually took place at the coburg train station on monday: for the first time, platform 2-3 is accessible by elevator. The passenger cabin had been installed for weeks and was actually ready for operation. What had been missing until monday was the technical acceptance and thus the operating license.

This had earned the railroad some hame and ridicule up to an official complaint. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the railroad is being emphatically matter-of-fact in all its publications and announcements on the subject. “As is the case with most construction inspections in germany, the ongoing boom in the construction industry is also presenting german rail with rough challenges. There is a lack of commercially realistic bids, rapid availability of services, building equipment and facilities on many construction projects”, a railroad spokesman said yesterday. That is why there are still some open construction sites at coburg station.

Two more elevators to track 1 and tracks 4 and 5 are expected to be operational this year. For the elevator to track 1 is the 15. October planned as start date. Meanwhile, the passenger cabin to platform 4-5 is still missing – according to the railroad, there are delivery bottlenecks for the elevator model. But the railroad press office says it does not want to work with different operating systems at the same location. The montage is scheduled for 8. October, and according to the railroad, it was to be put into operation on october 10. December 2018. That was exactly one year to the day after the first ICE train missed its stop in coburg.

The snack bar in the train station is to reopen at the beginning of october, then a toilet will also be available there for a fee, according to the railroad company. There have been delays in the parking lot between the train station and adamistrabe (B4) because the city now wants a different standard of construction. Among other things, a catenary mast had to be relocated. Completion scheduled for mid-2019. In 2019/20, the underpass is also to be renovated and given a guidance system for the blind.


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