Black ride costs 2100 euros

Black ride costs 2100 euros

“They're giving us a hard time”, the judge speaks with an angry voice. The reason for roland wiltschka's emotional outburst was the testimony of a 24-year-old member of the german armed forces who wanted to exonerate his accused brother on the witness stand at a trial at the local court in habfurt.

This attempt went completely into the shit: the 29 year old accused was sentenced to a fine of 2100 euro for fare evasion, and for insulting the false brotherly “exoneration witness” is now being investigated for false statement.

Verbal derailment on the train
From a criminal point of view, the criminal proceedings were only about petty criminal trifles. The two brothers were on the 26. October last year, it was a friday, at the birthday party of a friend in habfurt. The alcohol was happily consumed, and at half past nine in the late evening, the duo wanted to take the last train back to schweinfurt.

If the witness is to be believed, the train was already on the track when the two young men reached the station. So there was no time to buy a ticket beforehand. Already at this point a first contradiction became clear, because: the defendant had claimed to have entered without a ticket only because the ticket machine does not accept 50-euro-bills.

In any case, both of them were sitting (or rather, they were pretending to be asleep) in the first-class compartment, as the federal railroad train attendant, who had also been called as a witness, testified. When the conductor asked for the ticket, the younger of the two showed his german army service card.

With this document soldiers can use the train free of charge between home and duty station. The accused, on the other hand, was clearly driving in black.

When asked by the railroad official (who would even have been willing to issue the missing ticket), the defendant stated at the time that he had no money with him. To check the personal data, the conductor asked for the identity cards and went to his office.

After a few minutes the accused ran after him and insulted the controller loudly as “scheib-spagomat”. When questioned by the police, the brother admitted to having heard the insult. When he claimed the opposite in court, the presiding judge burst his collar.

The 29-year-old defendant did not benefit from the fact that he already has twelve entries in the federal central register for various offences. All minor offenses, but once he even had to serve his punishment. “You often lose control of yourself”, summed up by judge roland wiltschka.
Due to his statements, the 24-year-old brother may have to stand trial for making false statements. In this way, the two of them turned a criminal muck into a full-grown elephant.


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