What everyone needs in life

What everyone needs in life

Patience is a matter of character. “There are just different types. Patience cannot be trained. But”, says bettina siebert-blaesing “you can learn from experience.” In her doctoral thesis, the social pedagogue studied the importance of patience, how it can be used as a resource to get through difficult situations in life in a healthy way, and how this can be taught to young people through targeted coaching.

“Patience can be experienced, among other things, through calmness, composure and good listening skills.” Whether she also has a tip on how everyone can practice patience? “In the supermarket, consciously stand at the checkout with the longest queue!” She laughs. “Or at least let someone else go first. Try it, it also works in traffic – and how it brings a smile to the face of other people, is a beautiful experience.”

License to kill pigeons triggers new dispute

license to kill pigeons triggers new dispute

The falconer berthold geis has therefore again filed a complaint against the district at the administrative court of wiesbaden. The court confirmed the receipt of the complaint (AZ: 4 K 330/12). In addition, geis filed a disciplinary complaint against employees of the veterinary authority in hadamar. He also claims damages of 40,000 euros a month. The falconer accuses the authorities of wasting tax money. A dispute decided last year by the VGH in kassel is now starting all over again.

In september 2011, the VGH ruled that falconers are allowed to kill pigeons commercially if they have become a nuisance. Geis wants to catch and kill pigeons on behalf of – for example – companies. For example, when they pose health hazards to humans or cause damage to buildings with their feces. A car manufacturer from russelsheim had commissioned geis to contain the infestation of pigeons on the gelande.

U.s. Election day nears: trump and biden on final offensive

u.s. election day nears: trump and biden on final offensive

Shortly before the election in the USA, president donald trump and his democratic challenger joe biden went on the final offensive in the election campaign – including mutual attacks.

Biden tried to score points with the obama factor before this tuesday’s vote: he made two appearances with the former president in the particularly embattled state of michigan on saturday. Trump spoke four times to supporters in pennsylvania, another key swing state. On sunday, biden wanted to perform there. Trump wanted to make five campaign appearances in michigan, iowa, north carolina, georgia and florida on the same day.

Rough regional differences in cesarean births

Rough regional differences in cesarean births

The physicians were evaluated risks regionally apparently very differently, it heaped in the “fact check health” of the bertelsmann foundation published on tuesday.

In germany, one in three children is now born by cesarean section – and the trend is rising. 20 years ago, the percentage of cesarean births was only half as high, at 16.2 percent. Reason for this could also be liability issues. One consequence is that many clinics have less and less experience with complicated natural births, said professor petra kolip, health scientist and co-author of the study.