The market town of heiligenstadt wants to found a limited company

The municipality of heiligenstadt wants to found a company. This was decided by the market town council. This company is to be entrusted with the tasks in connection with broadband expansion.

Attorney alexander ruhrmann presented the draft articles of incorporation to the committee and answered questions together with wolfgang och from the bavarian municipal auditing association. The lawyer confused the audience with the statement that the company will be established to cover also the white spots of the community. Alexander stocklein (BN) was surprised, as he assumed that the current demand for broadband expansion would apply to the entire community. Therefore, mayor helmut kramer (CSU/unity) explained that the company would be founded in order to be able to react more quickly to future demands. Ruhrmann explained that it is common in operator models for a company that is 100 percent owned by the municipality to take over the tasks of broadband construction.

Upper franconia: innkeeper rejects disabled person during festival season

Upper Franconia: innkeeper rejects disabled person during festival season

“During the festival season we are not comfortable with that. Our guests are a bit etepete” the innkeeper from bad berneck is said to have said to caretaker martin schnobrich. The 43-year-old volunteers to organize an online self-help group for people suffering from dystonia, a movement disorder. For a meeting with three members and their spouses on the penultimate weekend in august, a place to stay was to be found.

He had received direct refusals from some pensions because they were fully booked “whether this is true or not remains to be seen” -, others rejected him because there could be problems with accessibility “i still accept that, but the sentence really shocked me”, said schnobrich to “on the other hand, many others are probably inventing excuses.”

Q-cells insolvency proceedings – no layoffs

Q-cells insolvency proceedings - no layoffs

Despite the preliminary insolvency proceedings, the company’s business performance in the past quarter was satisfactory. The dessau-roblau district court has confirmed lawyer henning schorisch as insolvency administrator. He intends to continue the company’s business operations for the time being. In addition, the search for investors will continue.

The company, which manufactures solar cells, modules and systems for energy generation, had, like other german manufacturers in the sector, slipped into deep red figures as a result of the financial crisis and increasing pressure from cheap competition from asia.

Always something new for restaurateurs and their guests

Sigismund von dobschutz almost as often as their menus change, to the chagrin of restaurateurs, so do the laws that govern them. Hoteliers and restaurant operators were informed about the latest changes at the district meeting of the bavarian hotel and restaurant association (BHG) on monday in bad kissingen.

An exit

Although the number of its members “marginally increased to 119 establishments” BHG district chairman heinz stempfle (westpark-hotel, bad kissingen) also had to report a resignation: a restaurant owner from kissingen had resigned from his membership on the grounds that the industry association was not doing enough to reduce the value-added tax rate for restaurants and guesthouses to just seven percent, as has been the case for hotel services since 2010. Stempfle disagreed with this accusation and referred to a petition of the federal association dehoga “which should be signed by everyone – not only by restaurateurs”, as michael schwagerl, the district manager of lower franconia, explicitly explained.