Sugar marshmallows give seniors a send-off

The project year “children and seniors become friends”, which began in september 2017, came to a close with a final meeting its conclusion. At the same time, the award-winning concept that began almost ten years ago also came to an end.
The nice old ladies sit on their seats in the activity room of the BRK senior citizens' home in kronach. In front of you on the table are delicious sweets. The preschool children of the catholic integrative montessori kindergarten in dorfles go from one lady to the next, where their sugar tots are “station by station” with the “sponsored” by the senior citizens treats are filled. After the last station, the school tubs are full to the brim. Quickly a rough loop around it, so that really no preciousness is lost.
With a “thank you the young and young-at-heart thank their “somewhat older” band members with beaming eyes friends. On this day, thanks were also expressed by home director tanja seuling and project manager theresa schneider from the BRK senior citizens' home in kronach, as well as antje angles and kerstin hinz from the BRK multigenerational home – namely christine schedel. The long-serving nursery nurse at the dorfles kindergarten had set up the project from the very beginning. In a few months she will retire herself.
She, as well as the children and seniors, found it visibly difficult to say goodbye. The project was initiated by sabine scherbel, then director of the kronach MGH, almost ten years ago. The concept, which won a prize in the germany-wide sustainability competition organized by the dm drugstore chain “ideas initiative for the future the group heaven, which won the local award in 2011, had ambitious goals: to show children and seniors that they can help each other if they know each other's wishes and needs. It was a public offer, which was by no means only open to the residents of the home, but to all interested people – regardless of age.
As a rule, the “rough ones” visited every two weeks of the dorfleser kindergarten the senior citizens' home and for some time the neighboring senior citizens' residence. The list of joint activities and events was long: it ranged from handicrafts and games to cooking and baking, theater performances, reading sessions and fairy tales. Many intergenerational friendships have developed over the ten years as a result of the regular visits, says christine schedel. Theresa schneider, occupational therapist, confirms this: “it was always nice to see the different generations working together in such harmony. Our residents always looked forward to it when the children came to visit them.”
The farewell was especially hard for the residents of the senior residence eleonore backert and “grandma ursel” pawelka, who actively support the project. Backert, long-time director of the “sternschnuppe” kindergarten schmolz, knows a lot of songs and rhymes. She is great at handicrafts and always presented the children with self-made souvenirs – as she did now for the farewell. Ursel pawelka was born in schmolz and is still remembered by many from her time in the “konsum” known. The energy bundle doesn't think much of peace and quiet. “Grandma ursel” makes herself useful in the senior residence as well as in the BRK-seniorenhaus wherever she can. She has also made many handicrafts: “it's fun for me and when the children are happy about it, that's my greatest reward”, she says. 


Defendant denies guilt

Defendant denies guilt

“I told her many times to end the relationship!” But her friend did not want to do this, partly because she was afraid of him, partly because she loved him. This is how a witness in the trial against peter F. (name changed by the editors) the relationship her schoolmate had with the defendant.

Since tuesday, the 32-year-old F. To stand trial before the second criminal division of the district court on charges of numerous assaults on his life of the same age.

Eventing team and klimke on course for victory

Eventing team and klimke on course for victory

The german eventing team is now within reach of the olympic gold medal and is leading before the final jumping competition on tuesday. “This is a great result for the whole team,” commented melzer: “all five without jumping faults, what more do we want?.”

With 124.70 penalty points, the german team is in the lead. Great britain (130.20) and sweden (131.40) are next in line. In the individual classification, ingrid klimke from munster is in first place with abraxxas (39.30), but on a par with the swedish rider sara algotsson-ostholt with wega. World champion michael jung (horb) moved up to fourth place with sam (40.60).

Four districts and one individual will soon get water from the rodacher group

The drinking water connection for the districts of oberndorf, eggenreuth, dornhof and grundhaus as well as the property at steinbruch 11 is within reach. This was announced by plant manager stephan proschold at a site meeting.

For many decades, the supply of drinking water from domestic wells was ensured in these parts of the city. Now the municipal utilities are investing around 1.78 million euros, with the state of bavaria providing a subsidy of 790000 euros.

Uob travel insurance review 2022: promo, covid-19, complimentary insurance

UOB travel insurance is something of a hidden gem. When you buy travel insurance, the usual names that come to mind are NTUC , MSIG , FWD and so on.

But in my opinion, UOB travel insurance offers pretty decent coverage – and I’m saying this as someone who is not a fan of UOB at all. This is a pleasant surprise because local banks usually don’t try very hard with their insurance products.

More than one in five pairs of shoes is bought online

More than one in five pairs of shoes is bought online

2018 was a difficult year for shoe retailing, according to the association. According to preliminary calculations, total sales in the industry fell by three percent to around 11.5 billion euros.

According to the association, this was due not least to the super summer of 2018. In the first half of the year, the shoe trade suffered from the fact that april had already brought summer temperatures. The business with transitional shoes had therefore gone badly wrong. In the second half of the year, winter shoes had been on the shelves for a long time, as midsummer did not want to make way for them. This has led to more red pencil actions than in the previous year.

In thurnau, the wastewater fee is increasing

In thurnau, the wastewater fee is increasing

This was decided by the market town council on monday evening. The increases are based on the results of a recalculation carried out by kammerer michael ganzleben for a period of two years.

Mayor dietmar hofmann (SPD/open list) emphasized that with the significant reduction in sewer fees two years ago by 82 cents per cubic meter or ten cents per square meter of sealed area, it was already foreseeable that there would again be a noticeable increase in fees after the two-year calculation period had expired. “The current increase is justifiable. Finally, in the calculation period coming to an end, the district of leesau was connected to the central clearing system with an investment sum of around one million euro.

Lichtenfels needs more trees?

Lichtenfels needs more trees?

Matthias einwag “every tree we plant is a gain”, says city councilor bernhard christoph (B90/grune). He is not interested in giving the city a “sharp sword” in the hand. Rather, he would like to see the core of the town and the villages enhanced by striking, large-crowned deciduous trees. Trees are not only a visual gain for a cityscape, they also improve the microclimate, which is becoming increasingly important in times of climate change. Bernhard christoph, who has been advocating a tree protection ordinance for 20 years, did not want to plant a forest in the city: “it is important to protect what we have,” he predicted.”

Coarse-crowned trees desired

“Many cities want their trees to do well,” says city councilor bernhard christian, observed bernhard christoph. “Looking to bamberg! There, every spot possible is occupied by coarse-crowned trees.” In january 1998, his city council faction had for the first time applied for the enactment of a tree protection ordinance for the city of lichtenfels and submitted a resolution for the enactment of the ordinance. So far with little success. Despite repeated requests, there was no majority for such a bylaw.

The autoscooters were a big hit

the autoscooters were a big hit

Yesterday, when the double-decker bus stopped in front of the plarrergelande and opened its doors, the joy of the passengers was enormous. Because instead of working in the lebenshilfe workshops, they had a three-hour visit to a carnival on the agenda. Most of the people who got off the bus wanted to rush off and head for the scooters right away. But first, they received a very special ticket from the exhibitors: a gingerbread heart. With this around their necks, they didn't have to wait in line at the cash register to buy ride chips, but could go right away – and all for free.

All booths join in
This action was made possible by the bamberger showmen and market traders as well as the sparkasse bamberg, which had financed the gingerbread hearts. “It is already the seventh time that we invite people with handicaps to the plarrer in order to give them a few pleasant hours”, explained showman reimund meister, who was in charge of organizing the day of action. Because it was always a lot of joy for the exhibitors, if like this year about 1000 happy people enjoyed themselves on the plarrer. That's why, according to meister, all of the exhibitors have agreed to make their vehicles available free of charge to people with disabilities. But the other food and game stands also offered discounted prices.
“We have been offering a special action day for people with disabilities for 20 years now”, also described georg fischer, chairman of the bamberger market traders and exhibitors. However, until about six years ago, only individual groups were invited to participate. In the meantime, the exhibitors at the spring planner invite well over 30 organizations that care for people with disabilities. “What could be better than to look into bright eyes during this day?? We showmen are happy to forego our income for three hours”, said fischer.
And celina (9) and katharina (6) from the vacation care group of the catholic education center, for example, showed how much fun the children, young people and adults had. In unison, while riding on the backs of two horses, they declared: “it was great fun and a really great vacation experience. It is a pity that the three hours passed so quickly.” Besides riding, the two girls enjoyed the rides on the autoscooters the most. The scooters seemed to be the big hit yesterday: not one of the vehicles stood still for three hours.