Anna katharina speeds off the hill at 60 km/h

anna katharina speeds off the hill at 60 km/h

Just 20 inches small are the tires of the bicycle with which anna katharina muller plunges into real adventures, and still quite successful. The 19-year-old competes in the german national league and was even able to compete in the world BMX championships in may. Whether it does so? “I’m still thinking about it, it’s in the middle of my study semester. It’s also a question of money,” she says.

The woman from wiesentheide is considered exotic in her sport, at least in this country. There are about 600 licensed BMX riders in germany, including just three girls. “By way of comparison, there are 15,000 licenses in france, around 5,000 in the netherlands, and the vast majority are boys,” says her father jurgen muller. It was through him that anna katharina first came to the sport of BMX, because jurgen muller sells motorcycle accessories and at the same time supplies BMX riders with clothing.

Reiterswiesen: jennifer passes the crown to tabea

Reiterswiesen: jennifer passes the crown to tabea

“Where do they always get the beautiful girls?? There was an appreciative murmur at the celebrity table when the riddle was solved as to who would wear the lentil spitzer crown this year. “One beauty follows the other”, says city councilor martha muller, when the still acting regent jennifer I. Standing ovations the lentil sharpener crown on tabea I. Ubergab. Elegant appearances in dream dresses. A view like on the red carpet of a gala.

But this is not enough for the beautiful girl. When the very young “blue hussars” killed the legs swing and the princes’ guard – young and in red – twirls exactly in formation over the stage, then you can guess where the princesses come from. Who cultivates the dance sport in the carnival like the fidelia for decades, has then the pleasant agony of the choice with her reprasentants. With tabea I. Represents then also an eigengewachs the fidelia. Grown up only a stone’s throw from the krone hall and from a family that has co-pioneered the reitsch’wies carnival. The happy 23 year old administrative employee sees what is coming as the crowning of her carnival life and wants to enjoy the time happily and consciously.

Tennis club elfershausen celebrates anniversary and successes

During the foundation period, the TC elfers hausen had found its role models in steffi graf and boris becker. With a view to the current situation, department head sebastian betz said at the jubilee celebration: “we urgently need a high.” Sabine lisicki, andrea petkovic or philipp kohlschreiber provide today for auind in german tennis.

It would also be a pity if the tennis club had to abandon to decay what has been created and achieved: the tennis home and the courts, which have been created thanks to the efforts of numerous helpers, as well as the sporting and social achievements. This was underlined by mayor ludwig neeb in his speech. He brought not only the congratulations of the market community, but also a check for the youth work.