Circle is to bleed in many ways

The habberge local action group (LAG) has set itself the goal of developing the district. The “blooming county of habberge” project, the mobility concept for the district and the tourism development and action concept for the district are three further starting points for implementing this goal. All three projects were recognized as leader projects, and so the leader coordinator for lower franconia, wolfgang fuchs, had three demand notices for a total of 102,000 euros with him when he visited the district administration office in habfurt the other day. Leader funds are requirements of the european union (eu).
“Actually, all three projects are interrelated, because we want to move our district forward. The tourist concept will also benefit our people who come for recreation at the weekend, everyone enjoys blooming landscapes, and a functioning opnv benefits everyone anyway”, said district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU). He thanked those responsible for the project, the office for rural development for the challenge and the municipalities involved, because “the district could not implement any of the three projects on its own.
Johannes bayer from the county’s horticulture and landscaping department has developed the “blooming county” developed. The project aims to create habitats for bees and other insects on public areas in the county. 20 of 26 municipalities are participating, the municipality of breitbrunn has taken the lead. Mayor gertrud buhl “had actually expected other communities to take the lead for such a nice project”, but then gladly accepted when breitbrunn was asked.
The municipal council has already taken the decisive decisions, reported areas have already been committed, and already in the next year, the county should bleed even more. The project also includes workshops for community workers, club members and interested citizens who would like to be qualified in the creation and maintenance of ponds and nesting areas. In addition, the population is to be made aware of the connection between bee and butterfly mortality and the use of agricultural land and gardens. Wolfgang fuchs remarked that some garden designs make it very clear how much people have lost their understanding of the natural world.
The creation of the tourism development and action concept is in full swing, as susanne volkheimer reported. It should be completed by mid 2018. Ten years ago, a concept of this kind was drawn up for the first time; the results included the burgenwinkel and the abt-degen wine valley. “Actually, we are not pursuing a classic tourism concept here in the district, but rather a “habitat concept”, explained susanne volkheimer. The action plan will also include an investors’ handbook, which will contain a guide to requirements.
Traditionally, the classic local public transport system (opnv) has been a difficult proposition in the flat district of habberge. That is why an innovative, holistic mobility system must be developed. This should keep an eye on costs as well as on ecology and future population developments in the district. The district’s new local transport concept is currently being drawn up, and the mobility concept is to be based on it. It is important that the actual mobility needs of the population are addressed. Susanne wolfrum-horn from the district administration office accepted the demand notice.


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