Coburg in shock after plane crash

It's sunday morning at bausenberg. From afar the sound of bells can be heard. Otherwise it is quiet in the forest. Unbelievably quiet. Only the red-and-white fluttering barrier tape reminds us that something terrible happened here not even 20 hours ago.

“I still saw the plane on saturday”, a walker told me “and I wondered if he was making art pieces…” Yes, the little machine was shaking somehow strangely, the man reports and makes a hand movement that is supposed to illustrate that. But the very next moment the machine was no longer to be seen. “And later I heard all the sirens and bugles.” Unbelievably, the man now looks past the barrier tape. A person in orange overall clears away last small parts. “Shame on you?”, he calls out to the supposed onlookers. But at this early hour, they are not onlookers, but people looking for answers.

Loud bang heard
“I suddenly heard a very loud bang on saturday”, says a woman with a dog on a leash. “I walk here regularly with dogs from the animal shelter.” Since saturday she has been tormented by one question above all: “whether the three people could perhaps still be alive, if I had known more quickly where this bang came from?” The clear answer is no, but it still brings tears to the woman's eyes: “that's so terrible!”

Salvage work continues into the night
meanwhile the man in orange has a bag full of small parts together. The rough wreckage was removed from the forest on saturday evening; the THW and fire department had brightly illuminated the forest stump for this purpose. As bright as it should not get on this whole dreary sunday.

Macabre: if it were not for the barrier tape, the accident site would hardly be recognizable as such. Only two trees are broken. Otherwise everything looks the same. But nothing is the same. “Who are the dead??”, asks suddenly another man who has come into the forest and who very well falls into the category of “bystander” fits. “One of them is supposed to be an insurance company, right??” The woman with dog walks on without a word.

For the time being without a word or any new findings, the police also remained silent on sunday. The investigation is continuing, the state of affairs is therefore the same as on saturday – in other words: the cause of the accident is still unclear.
In the meantime it has become dark. Now nothing needs to be illuminated here either. It is sunday evening in bausenberg.


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