Court imposes working hours

The young defendant (20) was extremely withdrawn and taciturn. The charge was unlawful possession of narcotics. He refused to make any statement. As the accused, this is his right. But due to the conclusive testimony of a police officer, the juvenile court at the district court in habfurt had no doubt about his guilt. Since the adolescent is currently unemployed, after a short hearing, juvenile court judge martin kober pronounced the final sentence: up to 25. August he has to do 40 hours of community service at the behest of the district youth welfare office.
According to the indictment, read out by prosecutor andrea gotz, the officers found the narcotic drug this year on 11. March shortly before 19 o’clock in the evening. At that time, the police carried out traffic controls in the district town at the traffic circle near the fire station. The policeman on duty explained to witnesses that he and his colleague had noticed a vehicle with two young passengers in it. Thereupon they attached themselves with their patrol car at the heels of the suspicious lads.
When they realized they were being chased by the police, they stopped their car, ripped open the doors and ran away in the opposite direction. Immediately the two police officers also stopped, jumped out of their patrol vehicle and took up the chase, each uniformed officer sprinting after one of them. The witness described how he had pursued and eventually caught up with the defendant.

Suspicious tutche

Although it was already quite dark, the officer had noticed that the defendant in the run something dear dropped. After catching up with him, he first held him to determine his personalities. Immediately afterwards, he searched the entire escape route and actually found the corpus delicti: a bag of female powder, which turned out to be amphetamine, also known as speed or pep. As at the time at the police station love the man also in court to elicit no word.
The statements of the juvenile court assistant franz heinrich illuminated above all the educational and professional career of the 20-year-old, who had no criminal record. After all, the young man managed after his successful “quali in the regular school the jump to a higher school, where he even managed the middle maturity a year ago. Despite this good starting position and many open apprenticeship positions, the transition to a meaningful professional perspective failed. The youth welfare officer spoke of a “lethargic attitude”, possibly related to the consumption of intoxicants.
Since the accused, who lives with his parents in the habberge district, is currently unemployed, the juvenile court recommended that the court apply the juvenile criminal law and impose community service hours. The prosecutor agreed with this suggestion in her plea and demanded 40 hours of work as a memo with an educational effect. The juvenile judge martin kober took over this punishment in his verdict, which the convicted motionless to acknowledge.

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