Cyclists’ lives are in danger

The main valley cycle path is one of the most popular cycle paths in all of germany. Accordingly, there is a lot going on on the track along the river. There is currently a pinhole: in the municipality of theres, the bridge over the main in the direction of horhausen is being rebuilt between ober- and untertheres. That’s why the bicycle path that runs under the old bridge, as well as under the new one in the future, is closed off. Some cyclists, however, do not obey the ban and put their lives in danger, according to the state construction office in schweinfurt, which is also responsible for the habberge district.

At the end of 2019, work began on a new replacement for the main bridge near horhausen. In the meantime, the construction site is busy and the first construction progress can be seen. Even though traffic disruptions were kept to a minimum during the work, the main cycle path between obertheres and untertheres had to be fully closed and a detour set up via the cycle path running parallel to the road between the two locations for cyclists and pedestrians.

However, the signposted detour route along the staatsstrabe (former bundesstrabe26) has not been taken into account several times by some road users. Instead, the closed main cycle path continued to be used illegally. Not only were the no-passing signs ignored, but construction fences were even broken down in order to be able to enter the construction site without permission.

Danger also on the tracks

However, as there are crash sites in the construction area and heavy equipment and loads are being moved, entering the construction site is and remains “strictly prohibited” for safety reasons, according to the authorities. In addition to the construction site, the closed railroad facility has also been entered several times by unauthorized persons in recent weeks. These actions are not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous: the trains reach speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour on this section of track, which means that just being near the railroad line can be life-threatening. Because the high driving speeds create enormous wind suction forces, which could pull a person into the threatening area.

The state construction office in schweinfurt urgently points out that it is forbidden and dangerous for unauthorized persons to enter the construction site and the railroad facility. “On the observance of the applicable regulations and established barriers is therefore in collaboration with the police habfurt verstarkt.” Under the given conditions had to be assumed from premeditated offenses. This means that no minor offence is accepted any more and the punishment resulted in a fine.

The full closure of the mainradweg will last for the entire construction period: until the beginning of 2023


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