Defendant denies guilt

Defendant denies guilt

“I told her many times to end the relationship!” But her friend did not want to do this, partly because she was afraid of him, partly because she loved him. This is how a witness in the trial against peter F. (name changed by the editors) the relationship her schoolmate had with the defendant.

Since tuesday, the 32-year-old F. To stand trial before the second criminal division of the district court on charges of numerous assaults on his life of the same age.

He allegedly broke her facial bones and ribs with fists and kicks during arguments in her apartment, gave her bruises and swellings, repeatedly choked her and injured her neck with an old machete.

While the injuries are undisputed – documented by photos of the battered woman and by the reports of attending physicians and surgeons – F. The responsibility for it sweepingly of itself. The man, who has many previous convictions and has already spent a third of his life behind bars, wants to be innocent this time.

The prosecutor’s office holds F. Against it for mean-dangerous. She trims her charges to the victim’s statements – an unemployed bamberger woman who, according to her own statements, is addicted to medication, drinks a lot of alcohol and takes drugs.

On the third day of the trial, several witnesses described her as a person who is easy to get along with, but who quickly becomes loud and aggressive when intoxicated. “As long as they were clean, they were both okay”, said a neighbor about the victim and his life journeys.

The defendant lived from late may to mid december 2011 with the bambergerin, with whom he has a common child (14). Shortly before he moved in, he had just been released from several years of criminal imprisonment.

His presence had initially done her good, witnesses said. They corroborated the victim’s statement that F. First “totally sweet” had been. He is said to have made sure that the very slim woman was somewhat slimmer.

A friend was an involuntary witness to the first accused incident in june 2011. According to their impression, the later victim was drunk or intoxicated and in this state provoked the quarrel.

The man, who was clearly physically superior to his companion, is said to have repeatedly maltreated the woman with fists and knives on later occasions, using words like “whore” insulted her and also threatened her if she left him.

Probably the most dangerous attack occurred at the beginning of december 2011: according to the indictment, he used a machete, an “heirloom” deposited in the living room, in the course of a quarrel the woman, and allegedly held it to her neck. The victim herself had testified that she had been scared to death in this situation. Girlfriends knew about this incident.

As “the story with the machete” the interrogation of peter F. Is also still in the hands of an investigating judge. In december 2011 present. At that time, he issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of rape. The current process is no longer about that.

Asked by presiding judge manfred schmidt about his impression of F. When asked, the jurist said: “I had the impression that he was threatening her (the woman, who was talking to him).) wanted to make unbelievable.” F. I described the girlfriend as a highly confused person and portrayed myself as the one who lovingly cared for her.

The rib fractures he had attributed to a former free of his life danger and – as far as the machete is concerned – claimed that it had been used by her during a quarrel “in the game” was brought. The injury at the neck had the woman probably carried away, when one had fallen in the fight together with machete on the bed. All in all, peter F. The case “quite opposite” presented to the victim.

The trial continued until 24. January interrupted. Then the court wants one last witness and two expert witnesses. The verdict may fall on the same day.


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