District election: things are looking good for bernhard rub

district election: things are looking good for bernhard rub

The district council of lower franconia has been elected, but which candidates will ultimately move into the body could not be known today (16. October) will not be announced by the district of lower franconia as planned. So far, only the ten CSU candidates who won their direct mandates have been confirmed.

The reason for the delay is a computer breakdown: “there was an EDP problem in one of the district offices, said markus mauritz from the press office of the district of lower franconia. Therefore, results from one lower franconian constituency were missing on tuesday. This is not about the habberge/rhon-grabfeld constituency, said mauritz. The exact composition of the committee is to be announced on wednesday.

In the meantime, the allocation of seats in the district council in wurzburg has been fixed. According to mauritz, seven parties have won seats in the election on sunday, 14. October, managed to get on the board. Due to overhang and compensatory mandates, the district council will consist of 24 seats (previously 20) in the coming election period (2018-2023). According to the preliminary final results, the CSU now has ten seats (previously nine), the greens four (previously two), the SPD three (previously four), the free democrats three (as before), the FDP and the left one each (as before), and the afd two (it did not run in the 2013 election). “The law stipulated 19 seats (since the 2018 district elections, lower franconia has 19 instead of 20 seats – but upper bavaria has one more seat since the 2017 electoral district reform, namely a total of 61, due to the increase in population there, the red.), but because the CSU won all ten direct mandates, but was only entitled to seven seats according to the total votes, the CSU receives the three remaining seats as so-called “overhang mandates”, according to the press office of the district. In return, the SPD and grune each received a compensatory mandate. Seat allocation is calculated using the sainte-lague method. According to mauritz, the balancing mandates are also determined using this method. A party needs a certain percentage of votes to win a seat, and the SPD and the greens were each closest to winning another seat, so they are entitled to the overhang mandates.

Rub had to tremble for a long time

This, in turn, is good news from the SPD's point of view and with regard to the long-serving sander mayor and district councilor bernhard rub. Looking at the figures so far, it looks good for the experienced local politician from the habberge district to make the leap into the district council again. Rub had run as the SPD's direct candidate for the habberge/rhon-grabfeld constituency, but the mandate went (as expected) to CSU's thomas habermann. With second place on the SPD list, bernhard rub nevertheless had good prospects of re-entering the council, but was forced to withdraw due to his party's poor performance in the election on 14 march. October trembling to the last. But now it seems that it is enough for the sander politician.


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