Fact check: this is how close the rubble is

Fact check: this is how close the rubble is

Bernhard panzer erich petratschek is fed up with the situation. He reacted almost angrily to the discussion about the parking situation in the city center that has flared up again in recent days. “Now facts must come”, he said to himself and went into action.

The SPD city councilor borrowed a measuring wheel and rolled it from many possible parking lots into the city center. He was accompanied by the FT. The results were perhaps surprising to some: both the parking deck and the rough parking lot on schutt are closer than the alternatives.

Petratschek had selected the following parking areas as starting points: the schutt with its rough parking lot and parking deck, the realschul parking lot, the vereinshaus, and the residents’ parking lot on the rahmberg (edergasse), which was brought into play as an alternative by the free voters. The end point was always the city center, a few points along the main street, and also the market square, centrally located at the ellwanger. One result in advance: it’s a lot shorter to get to ellwanger from the parking deck than from the clubhouse or from edergasse.

Petratschek sees himself confirmed by the result in his statements that one can easily reach the city in a few minutes from the allegedly so far away schutt. The longest leg to the marketplace took just two and a half minutes from the parking deck. If you add the distance to the parking ticket machine and the time it takes to leave the vehicle, it’s still less than four minutes. “These are not times and stretches”, the city council says. Everyone could take that on himself.

Central point marketplace

Again market place: to the destination ellwanger is from the parking deck exactly 213 meters and 2:35 minutes (stopped with the iphone 10). That was clearly shorter than the rest, with the realschulparkplatz as the second best with 3:21 minutes (253 meters). “There are always parking spaces available during the day”, says petratschek. From the residents’ parking lot edergasse (280 meters away) it took 3:37 minutes and from the clubhouse even 3:49 minutes. There are 302 meters. Even the distances from the main parking lot to the main street are short. For example, it took less than two minutes to get to the nurnberg gate.

Churchgoers could benefit from residents’ parking on the rahmberg. For them, this was certainly an additional offer, after the hubmann parking lot is still for years to fall out. But the rubble is also not far away.


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