First examinations at the technical school

First examinations at the technical school

Two years have passed since the municipal technical school at the vocational training center was able to bury its first students. The next step followed on tuesday: the first cohort took the examinations. 33 students (from an initial 34) have gone the distance. Now, provided they have successfully completed their studies, they can call themselves “state-certified mechanical engineering technicians neat. This qualification is equivalent to a bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences, as head teacher georg uschalt explains.

29 young people have also undergone an additional math exam. It will certainly lead to the vocational baccalaureate and entitle the student to continue his studies.

The new school came just at the right time for the 66 young skilled workers who attended the school in the past two years. Long waiting times could be avoided, as is the case with the surrounding schools in the region. “I didn't know if I had done it otherwise”, says sascha strossig from gerhardshofen. The 23-year-old was trained at schaeffler and was employed as a skilled worker for one year. Then he decided to do the technician to attach a study.

School was a stroke of luck
It was a stroke of luck for the young man that the technical school opened in herzogenaurach. He spontaneously decided to go down this path, applied immediately to the school and was taken on straight away.

Elke bodendorfer and daniel braun also had the same luck. They, too, did not have to put up with waiting times. The 27-year-old former employee of a small company in erlangen had already applied to the school there and was put on a long waiting list. The man from grobensee wants to return to professional life; as a newly qualified technician, he is now looking for a new employer.

The young automotive mechatronics technician from hochstadt, on the other hand, is aiming for a degree. She decided to switch to the industry “you can do more there”.

Principal georg uschalt has also noticed that studying and returning to work more or less balance each other out. Many also see better opportunities for advancement in their own company if they have the technician in their pocket. Many of the students, most of whom are between 20 and 27 years young, come from the county itself and there to a rough number of schaeffler. This company, in addition to the chamber of commerce and industry committee, also successfully lobbied for a technical school at the site, says uschalt.

Maximum number to be exhausted
The luck with the missing waiting times will not last long, however, according to his statement. There is already an influx of interested students that will last until the 2017/18 school year. This is still years better than other schools in the region, but a little patience is still required from the future students. After all, the maximum number of 33 students per class is to be exhausted in the future.

As of the 2014/15 school year, the number of schools is also expected to double. For then, in addition to the municipal technical school for mechanical engineering technology, as the institution is correctly called, mechatronics technology will also be offered, also initially with an introductory class. Space obtained through conversion of former building halls. This branch of the vocational school has been outsourced to neustadt. In total, the herzogenaurach-hochstadt vocational training center has a good 1600 students, 1200 of them at the herzogenaurach site and the rest in hochstadt.

By lunchtime yesterday, the tension among teachers and students alike fell away. A part of the examinations was done. In the EDP room, teacher daniel beck prepared for the afternoon. The small pieces of paper with the passwords for computer access were ready – 18 computers, 18 passwords. Who comes up with such strange names as “doderi 97”? Or “begeri 63″? The internet!” For this beck used password generators. “Then you don't have to think of one”.

A table at the computer
His own creativity, on the other hand, was called for in the examination task itself. Using a special program, the trainees had to construct a shear-lift table. 96 hours of preparation time, according to beck, the tuffing out caused him.

Head of department barbel vogel is also very satisfied with the first class of the technical school. The students also showed a lot of imagination and ability in the project work, says the process engineering graduate, who trained as a teacher ten years ago. For example, they made a lathe in a joint effort, or a motorcycle display. And the massive steel beamer stand for a small fire department near burghaslach is so stable that 420 times the safety is guaranteed. Although they didn't have to do any of that for the documentation, beck said. “But i wanted to know” and so he had the schulers work it out.


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