Hopes continue: rescue attempts for p s shipyards

Hopes continue: rescue attempts for p s shipyards

The prerequisite for this was that customers and suppliers made a contribution. Talks on this were currently underway, he said . However, the shipyards cannot count on further financial aid from the federal and state governments. This was made clear by german chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and mecklenburg-vorpommern’s minister president erwin sellering (SPD) on tuesday after a works meeting in stralsund.

“The state framework is exhausted,” said the chancellor. “We had to say today that it can’t go on if the delays are such that you can’t get by with the money we’re providing. That is the bitter truth,” explained sellering. The shipyards are among the largest employers in the country.

“As long as there are no final answers from customers and suppliers, there will be no application for insolvency,” fuchs told the dpa news agency. According to reports, there will be no bankruptcy filing on wednesday or thursday. This was initially expected.

Despite government-backed loans totaling 152 million euros, the shipyard’s management recently no longer felt able to successfully implement the restructuring concept. As a result, the state government pulled the emergency brake on monday and stopped the disbursement of the remaining funds. The shipyards have been in trouble since 2009. Delivery delays for two large ships and two special ships had further exacerbated the situation in the spring.

Merkel explained that she had discussed with managing director fuchs what could be done if insolvency were to occur. The federal government, like the state, has made it clear that everything possible will be done in the future to continue to support employees “as far as we can,” said merkel, who was on a trip through her electoral district.

Fuchs’ attempts to save the hospital have been positively received by the union and the staff councils. “If there is a way to get out of the crisis without insolvency, then we support it,” said stralsund works council member jurgen kraplin. The pledge to help save the shipyards with a multi-million employee contribution still stands. “That we put ourselves in the coffin, you can not expect.”

The shipping company scandlines, the main contractor for the voyages, was initially cautious: the company was very interested in a quick solution but would “not speculate on possible scenarios at this early stage”, emphasized scandlines managing director soren poulsgaard jensen.

The public sector cannot add more money, said sellering. The state government has helped in recent years with a rough burgschaft framework. “I have to say quite clearly that there have been difficulties here for years, maybe even decades,” stressed sellering. The employees always gave their all. State and federal government, which also provide regular shipbuilding loans totaling 326 million, naturally continue to support the shipyards, sellering and merkel emphasized.


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