Ig metall threatens to strike again

Ig metall threatens to strike again

“It’s okay if wages are currently rising more sharply here than in all other eu countries,” said schauble in an interview with the news magazine “focus”.

Germany has done its homework and can afford higher wage agreements better than other countries. “We have many years of reforms behind us,” said schauble. “But we must be careful not to overdo it. We must preserve the right to vote.”

The employers’ association gesamtmetall criticized schauble. “The collective bargaining parties don’t need any lectures from politicians, no matter which side they come from,” an association spokesman told the daily newspaper “die welt” (monday edition). “The sensitive process of negotiating wages by the bargaining parties can only be damaged and disrupted by interference from pigeons.”

Important bargaining rounds are currently underway in the metal, electrical and chemical industries. IG metall demands 6.5 percent pay increase for twelve months for the approximately 3.6 million employees in the metal and electrical industry, as well as more co-determination in temporary work and the permanent employment of apprentices.

The employers have so far offered 3 percent more money for 14 months, but rejected the other demands. Last week, more than 270,000 employees took part in warning strikes, according to union sources. Protests are to continue in the next few days.

IG metall again threatened with a hard labor dispute. “If the other side doesn’t come to an understanding by whitsun, then there’s no way around a strike, on a broad front,” huber told the “frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung.”.

Employers called on union to make concessions. “We now expect IG metall to signal ways in which we can resolve the wage dispute,” said all-metal president martin kannegiesser on saturday, according to a release. “She can’t now be martyred like a roman emperor who only raises or lowers his thumb while we employers are tormenting ourselves in the arena.”

Huber had already announced on 1. May announced, if there is to be a wage agreement by pentecost (27./28. If there is no solution to the wage dispute, there will be a primary vote and strikes. The next round of negotiations, already the fourth, is scheduled for tuesday (may 8) at the federal level. May) scheduled in baden-wurttemberg.

In addition to the collective bargaining round in the metal and electrical industry, the one in the chemical industry is also slowly entering its hectic phase. Collective bargaining for around 550,000 employees nationwide will begin on monday (7. May) at the federal level in hanover. IG BCE union demands 6.0 percent pay rise. Employers reject this.


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