In thurnau, the wastewater fee is increasing

In thurnau, the wastewater fee is increasing

This was decided by the market town council on monday evening. The increases are based on the results of a recalculation carried out by kammerer michael ganzleben for a period of two years.

Mayor dietmar hofmann (SPD/open list) emphasized that with the significant reduction in sewer fees two years ago by 82 cents per cubic meter or ten cents per square meter of sealed area, it was already foreseeable that there would again be a noticeable increase in fees after the two-year calculation period had expired. “The current increase is justifiable. Finally, in the calculation period coming to an end, the district of leesau was connected to the central clearing system with an investment sum of around one million euro.

“High level judgments”

The more significant increase in the surface water charge compared to the wastewater charge is due to new high court rulings on the percentage of surface area to be assessed.”, the mayor explained. “In any case, the wastewater charge of 3.50 euros per cubic meter, which has been repeatedly put forward by our parliamentary group for wastewater, will be significantly undercut. Without a separate wastewater charge, the freshwater scale would result in a charge of 2.61 euros per cubic meter”, so hofmann.

During the new calculation period, the suburb of horlinreuth must now be connected to the sewerage system – with a much lower financial share of about 70,000 euros for the municipality compared to leesau. After the conclusion of this approval, “the wastewater issue for thurnau will be finally and optimally clarified”. In this case, the external water quota could be successively reduced further by means of targeted water withdrawals.

Slight downward trend again

“I personally assume that the waste water charge will even develop slightly downwards again in the following years”, he predicted.
Since, in contrast to earlier years, there were no more complaints from citizens against the wastewater statutes during the past calculation period, hofmann was convinced that this would continue to be the case in the future. “It is no longer possible to make a more accurate calculation of fees than through our administration. This has also been confirmed by the bavarian municipal audit association, which was involved in the calculations, according to hofmann.

“The mistakes of the years 2002 to 2008 have been corrected, today one can agree to the fees with a clear conscience”, also underlined uwg faction leader erwin schneider.

“While the fee rates are reasonable and moderate. For a house with 200 square meters of sealed surface and 100 cubic meters of fresh water consumption per year, however, the impact still increases by 20 percent. We should see that the fees remain constant despite the upcoming sewer connection of horlinreuth”, demanded adolf haubinger, chairman of the SPD/OL faction.


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