It’s often faster by bike

It is well known: cycling is healthy. It strengthens heart and circulation and fitness. It also protects the environment because it does not consume gasoline. And as long as it’s a classic bike, there’s no power to charge the battery.

But that is not what this burggefluster is about. Because there is another aspect that speaks in favor of the bicycle: the speed. An example: the other day i had to go to mainleus for an appointment. As i’m leaving the company parking lot, a cyclist whizzes past me. I am on my way. In the E.-C.-progress on the baumann road is slow. Cars are turning in, trucks are jerking in front of me. The traffic light in seidenhof is on red as usual.

As i leave the mainleus bypass, there is a surprising reunion. For who is pulling out of the netaldi driveway in front of me?? Correct: the cyclist from the E.-C.-baumann-strabe. He not only spared the environment and his wallet, but also his nerves. And it showed that you can go just as fast by bike as by car over not too long distances.Perhaps even faster. Because it still saves the search for a parking space.

It was like an initialzundung. Since then, I try to leave the car behind wherever possible and ride my bike. And it works: shopping is no problem with backpacks and panniers (apart from water and beer crates). You can easily fit a 70-euro purchase in there.

You can actually get to work by bike, too. The lunch break detour into town: you’re in in no time at all.

Or a visit to the open-air swimming pool: there is no need for desperate crossing in search of a free parking space. You drive up to the ticket office and park the bike there. It couldn’t be simpler.

Just try it out: you’ll be amazed at how often you can leave the car behind. You just have to want it.


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