Ju demands more willingness to change from merkel

Ju demands more willingness to change from merkel

In view of the devastating poll results, the young union (JU) is calling on chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and her grand coalition to show a decidedly greater willingness for renewal.

“This grand coalition is lurching from crisis meeting to crisis meeting, preoccupied only with itself instead of with the problems in this country. And neither we nor the people in this country are up for that. And that’s why it has to be stopped,” said JU leader paul ziemiak on friday at the start of the young CDU/CSU members’ national convention in kiel.

The JU will demand a willingness to change from merkel: “whoever wants to be chancellor of this country must also always be prepared to lead this country into the future.”

The german parliament, which lasted until sunday, could be a kind of seismograph for how much support the CDU leader still has in the union. She wants to speak on saturday. The JU has – almost – won over as guest speakers all those who have a name in the CDU and CSU as critics and supporters of merkel.

Schleswig-holstein’s minister president daniel gunther, who is seen as the CDU’s young hopeful, called on the union to be more citizen-oriented. With a view to the quarrels, he said, people did not want to know in the end who had prevailed in political disputes, but they wanted to “see solutions in the end”. He defended his controversial move, particularly within the union, to give certain rejected asylum seekers a chance to stay – without using the word “change of track.

U.S. Ambassador richard grenell praised the close relations between germany and the u.S., but at the same time reiterated u.S. President donald trump’s demands on germany: increase defense spending to two percent of gross domestic product, rescind the nuclear agreement with iran, reduce the german and european trade surplus, and cut back on gas from russia.

At the deutschlandtag on saturday, directly after the chancellor, alexander dobrindt, head of the CSU’s state group, is to speak, followed in the afternoon by health minister jens spahn (CDU), who is regarded as a conservative critic of merkel. On sunday, CDU secretary general annegret kramp-karrenbauer and the new CDU/CSU parliamentary party leader ralph brinkhaus were scheduled to appear at the youth party – both are seen as leadership reserves for the time after merkel’s retreat. According to its own information, the JU is the political home for 105,000 young people.

Ziemiak said: “the way this rough coalition has presented itself in recent weeks and months cannot continue.”Concrete solutions are expected, for example, in the area of EU border protection, where the border protection agency frontex must be expanded from an advisory body to an actual border police force. As another example he mentioned the pension policy.

Again ziemiak warned against personnel debates about merkel after the youngest black-red government crises. The union must now concentrate fully on the state elections in bavaria in a week’s time and in hesse on the 28th. October focus. There is still plenty of time for this before the CDU election party conference in hamburg at the beginning of december. Merkel had recently indicated that she would then run for office again. Whether this will happen can only be decided after the elections in bavaria and hesse.

Criticism of merkel and calls for renewal also came from the JU state associations. The JU chairman in thuringia, stefan gruhner, demanded a plan to get the union out of the poll low again. “It has to deliver. It’s not enough to sit it all out. We need a clear agenda to get things moving again,” he told the “thuringische landeszeitung” (friday).

Ziemiak clearly rejected cooperation with the afd or the left-wing party after one of the state elections in saxony, brandenburg and thuringia in 2019. The differences between the CDU and the afd, as well as the left-wing party, are unbridgeable. Merkel and kramp-karrenbauer had also clearly ruled out any cooperation with the afd – most recently after the saxon CDU state parliamentary group leader christian hartmann had avoided such a clear statement for his state.


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