Lauter declares war on vacancy

Town hall, church, inn: the three buildings form an ensemble in the center of lauter. But one thing has been standing empty for years – the former stern inn. Now the municipality is trying to eliminate the vacancy. This cannot be done alone, demanded funds are necessary. For this, however, lauter had to commit itself to give absolute priority to the inner development.

The demand program “inside instead of outside the urban development plan sets out clear requirements. If a municipality wants to take advantage of the high federal rates, it must pass a self-binding resolution that binds it in the future to intensify internal development, to delete currently unneeded building sites from the land use plans and not to designate any new rough building areas. The focus should rather be on the use of inner-city fallow land – and on the elimination of vacant lots. The municipality of lauter wanted to take this step, as became clear in the youngest meeting of the municipal council. Although there were concerns, councilman and second mayor hans-jurgen zitzelsberger (CSU) feared that lauter could then no longer grow and would itself curtail development in the future. Felix henneberger, manager of the baunach alliance, which has launched the demand program “inside instead of outside” however, gave the all-clear. It was by no means the case that no more new building sites were allowed to be developed at all. In fact, the exact content of the self-binding resolution is to be coordinated with the office for rural development (ALE). Should builders need specific building sites and reserve them in advance, it would therefore be possible to designate them.

Revitalization possible

Cause for the community’s interest in “indoors instead of outdoors is a vacant site in the town center that has been occupying lauter for many years. The former stern inn, which also once housed a movie theater, could be revived, for example as a burger or club house. Lauter alone, however, is not in a position to handle such an investment. With the demand program, a demand rate of 80 percent would be possible, including a bonus, since lauter is a member of an intermunicipal alliance within the framework of the baunach alliance. First of all, the ALE is to be involved in order to clarify the detailed questions.

Mayor armin postler (CSU) also presented the concept for the new construction of a bauhof garage in the schulstrabe to the community council. A frame hall with a gable roof and an outer dimension of 21 x 10 meters is being considered.

Two small garages were built at the back of the building, where the spvgg lauter could install its lawn care equipment. The main garage itself has four gates. “It is not designed as a building yard, the social rooms remain at the location next to the town hall”, according to postler. The sheet metal hall did not cause enthusiasm – and so the administration was instructed to also obtain an offer for a brick garage.

The unanimous decision to apply for the program “marketplace of the generations” was directed towards the future of the free state of bavaria to apply. “We are not making a mistake when we make this request. In the case of a successful application, we were then able to take advantage of advice on how we can design more intergenerationally compatible areas”, according to postler.

New vehicle for the fire department

Four motions from councillor ronny beck (CSU) also had to be dealt with. It was about equipment and a new vehicle for the fire department. It was unanimously decided to set up a cell phone alarm system so that firefighters not on the scene could also be reached. A new vehicle (TSF = portable fire engine) is to be purchased for the deusdorf fire department (cost: approx. 70,000 euros), and new protective clothing is to be provided for the firefighters.

However, the council modified the request to pay for four class C driver’s licenses. There was no blanket decision, but rather a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis, if there is a candidate who wants to take the license.

In his short report, postler gave the current status in the matter of the bicycle path to baunach. A compromise with the district administration and the lower nature conservation authority has been reached, and the government of upper franconia has given its approval for the early start of the acceptance procedure. And there was also info on the new construction area appenberg: the flats have been cleared in the meantime, with the planning office the construction process was discussed with all parties involved.

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