Lichtenfels needs more trees?

Lichtenfels needs more trees?

Matthias einwag “every tree we plant is a gain”, says city councilor bernhard christoph (B90/grune). He is not interested in giving the city a “sharp sword” in the hand. Rather, he would like to see the core of the town and the villages enhanced by striking, large-crowned deciduous trees. Trees are not only a visual gain for a cityscape, they also improve the microclimate, which is becoming increasingly important in times of climate change. Bernhard christoph, who has been advocating a tree protection ordinance for 20 years, did not want to plant a forest in the city: “it is important to protect what we have,” he predicted.”

Coarse-crowned trees desired

“Many cities want their trees to do well,” says city councilor bernhard christian, observed bernhard christoph. “Looking to bamberg! There, every spot possible is occupied by coarse-crowned trees.” In january 1998, his city council faction had for the first time applied for the enactment of a tree protection ordinance for the city of lichtenfels and submitted a resolution for the enactment of the ordinance. So far with little success. Despite repeated requests, there was no majority for such a bylaw.

At the same time, he says, trees have repeatedly been canceled without replacement in recent years – for example, in the former “riebner park” or on the burgberg. “Trees are disappearing and no one cares – it bothers me that we pay so little attention to it.”

While the rough parking lot at the specialist store center was planted with several trees at the city’s request, the parking lot at kaufland is a negative example: “there should be a lot of trees there”, says bernhard christoph “but up to now there are only two small trees with scrubby trunks.”

Baume as portals

At the local entrances, he complains, trees could frame the coats of arms of the twin towns – that would be a nice welcome pit. On the market square, the tree line that starts at the upper gate should be extended to the lower gate. Hot summers and long dry periods as well as bad air required countermeasures. Trees, he continues, not only improve the microclimate, they also create pleasant places to linger out of light and shade. In southern countries not without reason platanen, which give a green roof to the platzen, are standing in many places. “In the meantime, it is already as warm as in the south”, he adds. Because a city heats up faster than a village, there is a need for action.

The cycle paths in the city area should be planted with flanking trees. The recently created one from isling in the direction of burkheim is bare – except for a few shrubs that were already there before. Bernhard christoph: “we haven’t planted a single tree there.” The city council cites the bamberger strabe in seubelsdorf as a positive example. There, trees are integrated into the streetscape in an exemplary manner. And he is pleased that coarse-crowned trees are to be planted at full length in front of the concept-laser production halls.

“Whether we need a tree protection ordinance, we can’t say at this point in time”, explains sebastian muller of the lichtenfels mayor’s office. This will be dealt with by the building and environment committee.

Tree protection ordinances, he points out, have advantages and disadvantages. Trees above a certain trunk diameter were usually protected. In cities that have a tree protection ordinance, this has often led to trees that were close to reaching the diameter of the trunk worthy of protection being cut down after all.

In “vision 2030 included

We want to know where the city council thinks there is a lack of trees in the urban area. Muller: “the green cityscape is one of the main themes of vision 2030 for lichtenfels. In the future, therefore, even more attention will be paid to this than in the past, for example in the case of parking space statutes, development plans, land use plans, urban design guidelines, etc., to bring the topic of trees more to the forefront.”

Asked specifically about the parking lot at kaufland, sebastian muller says: “in principle, it is very important for us to have an appropriate amount of green space. We have prescribed this, for example, in the development plan for the new commercial area on the zeil II.”

The greening of the cycle path from isling in the direction of burkheim is already in the planning stage, says muller.


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