Lost the trailer at full speed

Lost the trailer at full speed

The 24-year-old truck driver was on his way from austria to muhlheim near frankfurt with several tons of steel pipes. Shortly before 7 a.M., between the marktbreit and kitzingen junctions, the trailer, loaded with twelve tons, left the road on its own. As it turned out later, the drawbar was torn off for a still unknown reason. Fortunately, the automatically initiated emergency braking brought the trailer to a halt on the hard shoulder shortly afterwards, although the front section was still clearly protruding into the right-hand lane of the road.
“The driver and the company boss sitting next to him were completely unaware of the incident, reports karl-heinz schmitt, press spokesman of the police prasidium unterfranken. “They continued their journey undeterred, turned off onto the A 3 in the direction of frankfurt, and only after no less than 40 kilometers between the helmstadt and wertheim junctions did they become aware that their truck train had shrunk to half its size.” The driver then called the emergency center and reported that he was missing a trailer loaded with several tons of steel pipe.
However, numerous road users had already reported to the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police that they had noticed the unlit trailer on the A 7. Also from the A 3 had come messages. There, it was noticed that the truck had an apparently torn-off hitching rod and several hoses hanging from it.
In the meantime, the first police patrol had arrived at the trailer and secured the site accordingly. A towing company was contacted and brought the trailer out of the danger zone. It was either due to the attentiveness of the car and truck drivers or just lucky circumstances, says schmitt, that no one crashed into the front of the trailer sticking out into the road and thus the friday the 13th was over. Could not live up to its name this time as an unlucky day.


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