More than one in five pairs of shoes is bought online

More than one in five pairs of shoes is bought online

2018 was a difficult year for shoe retailing, according to the association. According to preliminary calculations, total sales in the industry fell by three percent to around 11.5 billion euros.

According to the association, this was due not least to the super summer of 2018. In the first half of the year, the shoe trade suffered from the fact that april had already brought summer temperatures. The business with transitional shoes had therefore gone badly wrong. In the second half of the year, winter shoes had been on the shelves for a long time, as midsummer did not want to make way for them. This has led to more red pencil actions than in the previous year.

The lack of interest in buying hit the stationary shoe trade particularly hard, with sales down by around four percent. According to BDSE surveys, almost three quarters of shoe stores recorded declining sales. Although online retail was able to increase its sales once again, the double-digit growth rates of previous years were no longer achievable for it either. According to BDSE, almost a quarter of online sales are now made by retailers who have their roots in the brick-and-mortar business.

Despite a disappointing 2018, shoe retail is quite confident for 2019. Almost half of the traders (47 percent) expect sales to grow, only a quarter anticipate a renewed decline in sales.


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