Municipal council: too little money for the renovation of municipal baths

municipal council: too little money for the renovation of municipal baths

It was a picture of light and shadow that the financial officer of the bavarian municipal association, hans-peter mayer, drew in his one-and-a-half-hour talk at the association's district meeting in kitzingen on monday. He also discussed the consequences of the abolition of the trench extension levy, the property tax reform, the abolition of the increased trade tax levy, the coalition agreement of the bavarian state government and other financial issues.

It seems clear that the lump sum planned by the free state as a substitute for the road expansion contributions, in the final stage 150 million euros per year, will not compensate for the loss. At least for those municipalities that have levied development charges. Who had no corresponding statute, profits at the end, because also these municipalities receive the compensation, which provides particularly in lower franconia not necessarily for joy. Compensation for “hard cases” is also problematic, thus already before the abolition of the ausbaubeitrage begun and not yet accounted for tree removals. Because the “hard case” is not defined.

However, according to mayer, the abolition of development contributions was a fatal signal to the citizens: “you no longer have any responsibility; the state will take care of you, according to the speaker, who sees it as similar to the painting of the kindergarten fees. In addition, 42,000 new jobs were promised by the state – alone the personnel is lacking.

Another topic: 20 million euros per year for bathroom renovation from the coalition agreement sounds good for now. But on closer inspection, that's not a lot of money. For all of lower franconia, just three million remained in mathematical terms. By the time all the ailing baths have received a reasonable subsidy – mayer assumed a nationwide requirement of one billion euros – a number of them will certainly already have been closed down.

Narrow limits set

For more than 25 years, a reform of the property tax, an important and above all taxable source of income for the municipalities, was discussed without result. Now the constitutional court has ruled and set narrow limits for a rewrite: a new law must be implemented by the end of 2025, which would be quite feasible if the parties involved could agree on a new model. But here are still hurdles to overcome.


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