Negotiations on ihrplatz fail – schlecker sells out

Negotiations on ihrplatz fail - Schlecker sells out

“The talks have been broken off,” said a spokesman for the negotiating parties to the news agency dpa. This means that the fate of the two promising daughters of the former schlecker empire is once again completely open.

According to unanimous statements by spokespersons of the parties involved, the dubag issue is irrevocably over – the differences had been too great. One will not return to the negotiating table. In the end, the sticking point was the issue of schlecker XL.

Munich-based investor dubag had already withdrawn its offer to take over XL-markte before the meeting on friday. Originally, he had wanted to take over XL and integrate it into ihrplatz – however, the investor’s initial interest was only in ihrplatz and XL only came up for discussion later on.

In a release from the gross schlecker creditor euler hermes, it said that “labor and tenancy issues” had been decisive for the failure. Schlecker is 300 million euros in debt to the hamburger credit insurer. This is the lowen portion of the claims, which according to the insolvency administration so far total just under 700 million euros.

In the meantime, the insolvent drugstore chain schlecker itself has started to sell out. In the approximately 2800 stores in germany, there were price reductions of between 30 and 50 percent. The remaining 13,000 or so schlecker employees are to receive their notices at the end of the month. In total, around 25,000 schlecker employees will lose their jobs due to the insolvency.

According to the will of labor minister ursula von der leyen (CDU) and head of the labor agency frank-jurgen weise, the skilled employees, especially women, are to fill vacancies for skilled workers in other industries. Educators and geriatric nurses were particularly in demand. The workers’ welfare association (AWO) supported the push, but warned that social professions should not be allowed to become a catch basin.

A date for the final end of the schlecker store does not exist yet. At last there had been talk of the end of june. According to insolvency administrator arndt geiwitz, the liquidation of the group – the sale of the remaining goods and, for example, the sale of real estate and foreign companies – could bring in between 500 and 700 million euros. So far, there are claims of 665 million euros against him.

According to negotiators, the discussions revolved around the extent to which existing XL contracts could be rewritten in their place. During the negotiations, euler hermes had already complained that dubag was making promises to employees that the existing concept did not offer. On wednesday both sides postponed the discussion because of open questions.

Dubag head michael schumann declined to comment on the reasons for the failure when asked by dpa on friday. The memo said briefly: “the key points of the continuation concept were not capable of agreement. In the end, the necessary consensus for signing the contract could not be reached.” Both sides described friday’s negotiations as very draining.

According to dpa information, there are now three options for ihrplatz: independent continuation, liquidation as with the parent company schlecker, or finding another investor. “We are looking for a new concept and a bit of new options,” said a person familiar with the negotiations.

The official statement said: “insolvency administrator werner schneider is now looking for a new solution for their site”.”What the failure of the language meant for XL remained unclear at first.


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