New school branch for forchheim?

New school branch for forchheim?

The languages latin and ancient greek, which are taught as the basis of european culture and as a contribution to a comprehensive human education, are the hallmarks of a humanistic gymnasium. But at the herder high school in forchheim, this term is “only on paper”.

“For two years, not a single schoolchild has chosen ancient greek as a subject”, confirmed principal ingrid kafferlein to the members of the district cultural committee. She suggested that, in addition to the arts gymnasium and the linguistic/humanities gymnasium, the establishment of an economics branch should also be considered.

More economy

The focus of this branch is in the area of political, legal and economic education. The target group, she says, are schoolchildren who like to deal with current developments and business-related topics. The computer is used to learn about practical applications, she says.

“I come from a school with a focus on economics”, the former headmistress of the maria-ward-gymnasium bamberg, which maintains intensive cooperation with siemens, bosch, brose, brillux and other partners from the business world, explained. She was surprised to learn that there is no high school with an economics branch either in forchheim or in the neighboring district of erlangen-hochstadt.

The use of information technology is becoming more and more important, agreed karlheinz schoofs, head of ehrenburg-gymnasium, with his colleague. At the same time, he also expressed interest in a business branch at his school.

“And why not ebermannstadt?”, asked county councilor rainer polster (). On the one hand, the business branch can be combined very well with the language branch, and on the other hand, ebermannstadt is closer to the schools from french-speaking switzerland. Forchheim schools are well connected to ebermannstadt via the rail line.

At the meeting, however, it also became clear that the question of location would not be decided by a district committee, but by the ministry of education. In principle, according to ingrid kafferlein, the chances for forchheim to get this branch approved are good. She had been assured of this on the fringes of languages. However, a flood of applications is to be expected in the near future.

The scientific-technological branch could be realized at the earliest from the school year 2020/21. Then the current sixth graders were in the eighth grade and could start with the new focus. There are no spatial or personnel problems to be feared, especially since the new branch is only an hour longer than the old one differentiate from other branches. In the future, an additional IT room may have to be set up.

The members of the cultural committee buried ingrid kafferlein’s petition. They pledged their support, regardless of the school where this branch will be located.


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