New water pipes in wasserberndorf

New water pipes in wasserberndorf

In the next few weeks, the second part of the extensive renewal of the water supply network in geiselwind and its suburbs will begin. At the council meeting, mayor ernst nickel announced that four companies had submitted bids. The contract was awarded to kehn from burgebrach, which was the most favorable with a price of 1.619 million euros. Thus, the whole thing turned out to be somewhat more favorable than the municipality had calculated in advance. “This is quite advantageous for us”, commented the mayor.

The second phase of construction will mainly involve the renovation of the local network of wasserberdnorf, the coarsest of the 15 villages. To this end, the construction of a transport pipeline from the lohmuhle to the wasserberndorf discharge shaft is planned, a transport pipeline from the druckerhohungsanlage in wasserberndorf to sixtenberg, as well as the local network of sixtenberg.

Mayor nickel wanted the work to start as soon as possible. If everything runs normally, the municipality plans to start building a new elevated tank in geiselwind in the fall. A total of about 8.7 million euros is needed for the extensive renovation of the water supply system. The residents and landowners must also pay a share of the cost. The billing model initially met with resistance in the municipality, but the situation has now eased. The first part of the rehabilitation with the construction of the elevated tank at durrnbuch, as well as the pipelines in langenberg and rehweiler, is almost complete.


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