Only small pilgrimages

Only small pilgrimages

Is a joint pilgrimage possible at all in times of the corona crisis?? This is the most frequent question that dietmar bruggemann, the guardian and rector of the basilica in vierzehnheiligen, and the secretary waltraud kiebling are currently being asked by many pilgrims. To pant up the mountain in vierzehnheiligen or gobweinstein with a mouth guard and not to be allowed to hug and congratulate each other on arrival is actually unimaginable.

Both at the pilgrimage site of vierzehnheiligen and among many pilgrims, there has been great uncertainty and reluctance to interrupt an age-old pilgrimage tradition. Now the pilgrimage chaplain father bruggemann is providing clarity:” against the background of the requirements and regulations from the state as well as from the archdiocese of bamberg, we have decided with a heavy heart to cancel all previously registered pilgrimages until the 31st of august. August to cancel.” Whether the pilgrimages in september and october can take place, can not be predicted at the moment, the state regulations are now valid until the end of august.

“We all regret this very much, but because of the situation around the corona academy we are aware of the responsibility and have to take this step. In the past few weeks, our secretary in the guardianship of the franciscan monastery, who had already planned the season, has been in contact with various groups, since the first decisions had to be made for the beginning of may”, explains pater dietmar on inquiry. “Distance and hygiene regulations make it impossible to accommodate a large number of pilgrims in our basilica. Even accommodation and food in the diozesan house are not possible at the moment. Therefore, some pilgrimage groups have canceled their pilgrimage with a heavy heart.”

For father dietmar, who had gladly buried the pilgrims from all over, it would have been the first pilgrimage year here at the garden of god. The father hopes that after this period of drought, the pilgrimages will resume and that many people will make the journey to fourteen saints in order to find strength for everyday life and to deal with their fears.

A maximum of 50 people

Since under the given distance and hygiene rules only up to 50 visitors could find place in the basilica for a service, it would be possible to come to vierzehnheiligen with a small pilgrimage of maximum 50 people after renewed simple registration (by phone or e-mail). For this, however, only a saturday morning or afternoon is possible.


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