Out of the dreariness

Bernhard panzer the year 2020 many associations had imagined quite differently, almost everywhere the community life came to a standstill. The corona virus is to blame. The cultural workers were particularly affected – after all, they all live from the audience and applause. And when one, or even two, anniversaries are to be celebrated – then the imposed renunciation and the lockdown of all artistic creativity is particularly difficult to cope with.

At the music initiative herzogenaurach (MIH) it was like this. 25 years the association of herzogenaurach musicians already exists, and this should be celebrated. Already in the winter, especially the “old” made themselves from the first hours of MIH their thoughts on how to go public.

Defied the mockers

“Look through your photos and see if you have anything from the early days”, mike amon, one of the founding fathers of the club, cheered up his bandmates. It was thought to put up photo walls, to give explanations, to show newspaper reports. Few people believed that the loose bunch of rock musicians, who were considered to be chaotic and disorganized, would become such a successful association, which has lasted for a whole quarter of a century.

“We give you a few weeks at the most”, one had mocked. He was taught better, and soon the MIH was one of the city’s permanent addresses.

To the 25. On the occasion of the tenth birthday, a second jubilee was added: ten years of musicbase festival. After the beginnings at the halfpipe in use, the so-called U-turn festival, the MIH decided to hold the open air from now on on its own land, the music base next to the soli. And since then these two and a half days are a magnet for the herzogenaurach scene.

Everything stood still

Only this year not. Everything was at a standstill. At least since mid-june the regulations have been relaxed, certain prohibitions have been lifted. In the meantime, rehearsals are allowed again, under certain conditions. The bands are already making ample use of them. But the rough events will have to wait until well into autumn. And how it will go on, no one knows either.

Of course, most members of the MIH do not have to make a living from their work. The bands are made up of volunteers, and in most cases there is hardly any fee worth mentioning. Argerlich was just that you could not rehearse together over a long period of time. And, of course, that there were no performances.

In the MIH there are also people who earn their money with the music. Accompany bands on tours, record albums. And the musicians in the MIH were also worried about these colleagues. And recorded a video together. Also to give a sign that the culture must start again. The film was intended to show the dreariness that could await all musicians if the policy does not act, it was explained.

The band put together for this one song is called “caraidean”, the song chosen was “blinded by the light”. Six musicians from four different MIH bands recorded the song, each of them recording one, two or three tracks of the song at home. A seventh person put it all together in his home studio and made a song out of it.

With a message

The participants were alex bucher (vocals). Michael gallmetzer (guitar), jurgen “crazy” krejsa (guitar, vocals), frank curian (bass), mike amon (drums) and jorg hilse on keyboards. It was missing from the video recording. The whole thing was put together by christian “bybob” amon. The idea came from crazy and mike.

The musicians have a message with their film and have also formulated this message. In the following excerpt from it: “an empty stage, no equipment, no light, no stage picture and songs from the conserve. This is how the near future for musicians could look like. Whether one lives out the passion of music making as a hobby, professionally or semi-professionally is completely irrelevant. All of them also need light and sound equipment.”

When the song was recorded, it was of course even less foreseeable than today when one could expect performances again. “At the moment”, so the six wrote “is one about to let the branch starve to death at the stretched out arm literally. Hardly any events for an indefinite time, no studio recordings for months. Nevertheless, there is no transitional support for the solo-independent, who are also cynically advised to go on hartz IV. But the small companies that organize, set up and light up these events are mostly solo companies. What now? “

But there will be a time after corona, after all. When that will be, nobody knows. The concert industry will be the last to be allowed to work again. “Until then”, that’s how the band sums it up “we want to help as much as we can.” How else can you do it than with music?!?

A first small festival

If the time after corona allows it, then the jubilee will also be within reach again. Because it should be celebrated in any case, promises first chairman thomas “smiley” schonfelder. Next year then. But there are already first rays of hope now. For the 1. August has the MIH quasi a “musicbase festival light” in view. At the so called “musigggaddn” two bands of the MIH will play in the open air, says smiley, and the visitors should bring their own blankets. So slowly it’s starting again. Closer to the musical picnic will announce the MIH in the next few days.


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