Overnight stays in bad rodach show rising trend

Hotels, vacation apartments and private landlords in the spa town show a clear trend towards art. The spa town of bad rodach announces.

“We have made a clear leap forward. We are the vacation resort in the coburg region”, said lutz lange, managing director of bad rodacher bader gmbh, at the beginning of the tenants' meeting last wednesday in bad rodach.

Number of beds down, occupancy up

The statistics for the past year (excluding the medical park) show 23,268 guest accommodations with 70,682 overnight stays. Thus the overnight stays increased in direct comparison to the previous year by 7.4 percent, i.E. 4870 overnight stays, while the number of beds decreased from 555 to 517. Accordingly, room occupancy rose by 5.3 percent. According to lange a “clear indication for the increase in quality”.

Also the “thermenatur, major visitor magnet of the town of bad rodach, can continue to report rising visitor numbers. Compared to 2018, 4973 more frankens visited the thermal baths in bad rodach in 2019, with 216 645 bathing guests.

The thermenaue mobile home park also recorded an increase in the number of visitors. 3960 vehicles were parked there by campers last year, almost 800 vehicles more than in 2018. This results in a number of 17,475 overnight stays (previous year: 13,616).

“An important economic factor for the city, trade and gastronomy”, as spa director and managing director of bad rodacher bader gmbh, stine michel, noted.

Now it is important to maintain the high quality standard, both for private and commercial landlords. In march, the next classification of private accommodations is already on the agenda, because minimum standards alone have long been insufficient in the competition for overnight guests. “In view of the increasingly demanding tourists, there is no alternative to the internet and wifi – without these services, you have no chance”, explained long.

The coburg tourism association is currently working.Rennsteig working on an attractive implementation of a booking platform. “We have to show that we are a very strong region”, said jorg steinhardt, managing director of coburg.

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