The bohemian dream resounds in the 3000-man tent

The scherzachtaler blasmusik is the musical highlight the “leuchsentaler on the occasion of their 90th anniversary. Bringing a birthday to mistelfeld. Today, friday, 8. September, there will be finest brass music with a lot of heart and passion in the big tent at the leuchse. Conductor anton galle has been delighting his listeners with traditional bohemian music for around 30 years.
The leuchsentaler brass band celebrates its birthday until monday, 11. September. Four days with a varied program the kreismusikfest as well as the oberfrankische gautrachtenfest will be celebrated. The scherzachtaler blasmusik, whose musical journey began in 1989, will start the concert. Even then, the band was made up of amateur musicians from the ravensburg area, and this has not changed to this day. The musicians were driven by the passion of the bohemian-moravian brass music.
On the music stand at that time there were mainly notes from czech bands and of course from ernst mosch with his egerlander musicians. A trend-setting development in scherzachtal brass music began in 1996, when tenor horn player norbert galle took up the pen and began composing pieces and writing sheet music himself. It took only two years for the now legendary title “bohemian dream” to become reality was born. Which way this polka was going to take at that time no one could imagine. Today, the bohemian dream is played all over the world and interpreted in a wide variety of musical styles.
Accompanied by other compositions from the ranks of scherzachtaler wind music, the band has developed its very own style and sound body, the rough part of the repertoire is covered by own titles. The fact that there is hardly a brass band in the german-speaking world that does not include one or more pieces of scherzachtal brass music in its repertoire shows how much the music appeals to the taste of brass music fans.
The concert will take place in the 3000-man tent set up by the mistelfeld music society for the anniversary. Admission to this concert is free. Beginning of the “bohmian dream is at 20 o’clock.


Ju demands more willingness to change from merkel

Ju demands more willingness to change from merkel

In view of the devastating poll results, the young union (JU) is calling on chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and her grand coalition to show a decidedly greater willingness for renewal.

“This grand coalition is lurching from crisis meeting to crisis meeting, preoccupied only with itself instead of with the problems in this country. And neither we nor the people in this country are up for that. And that’s why it has to be stopped,” said JU leader paul ziemiak on friday at the start of the young CDU/CSU members’ national convention in kiel.

Coburg in shock after plane crash

It's sunday morning at bausenberg. From afar the sound of bells can be heard. Otherwise it is quiet in the forest. Unbelievably quiet. Only the red-and-white fluttering barrier tape reminds us that something terrible happened here not even 20 hours ago.

“I still saw the plane on saturday”, a walker told me “and I wondered if he was making art pieces…” Yes, the little machine was shaking somehow strangely, the man reports and makes a hand movement that is supposed to illustrate that. But the very next moment the machine was no longer to be seen. “And later I heard all the sirens and bugles.” Unbelievably, the man now looks past the barrier tape. A person in orange overall clears away last small parts. “Shame on you?”, he calls out to the supposed onlookers. But at this early hour, they are not onlookers, but people looking for answers.

Without fans in koln:zverev’s first home match in 14 months

Without fans in koln:zverev's first home match in 14 months

Alexander zverev actually wanted to meet with german national soccer players in poland this week.

“I have contact with some of them,” germany’s best tennis player said: “i would have liked to go to the national match on tuesday. And a few guys were happy to come to our tournament. Now they were not allowed as well as I.”He also had to accept an invitation from TV pundit bastian schweinsteiger to come to the ATP tournament in the cathedral city.

Black ride costs 2100 euros

Black ride costs 2100 euros

“They're giving us a hard time”, the judge speaks with an angry voice. The reason for roland wiltschka's emotional outburst was the testimony of a 24-year-old member of the german armed forces who wanted to exonerate his accused brother on the witness stand at a trial at the local court in habfurt.

This attempt went completely into the shit: the 29 year old accused was sentenced to a fine of 2100 euro for fare evasion, and for insulting the false brotherly “exoneration witness” is now being investigated for false statement.