Poplar, hedge and potential for living

Poplar, hedge and potential for living

The albertshof building committee made a short tour of the village on tuesday and completed a whole series of site visits. The results:

– the council agreed that a coarse poplar tree in a community garden on kitzinger strabe must be removed. The tree in a garden plot poses a danger and is to be felled in the fall.

– at the area around the back entrance of the cemetery, increased attention is to be paid to cleanliness in the future. The municipality will take back shrubs and the kindergarten association is also to make cutbacks.

– the second burgermeister katharina riedel applied to remove a hedge at her property in neubaustrabe. Part of the hedge belongs to the community. The committee members decided to only cut back the communal hedge section for the time being. Only if the hedge does not turn out to be worth preserving, it will be removed next year.

– need for action saw the rate in the mainsondheimer strabe. The road shows cracks and signs of disintegration. The committee agreed to solicit bids for applying a new asphalt layer to a section of the road without having to grind down the pavement first. Depending on the financial situation, it will then be decided whether a new road surface will be realized this year.

– after the municipality acquired a large plot of land in the center of georg hohn, the building committee took a look at the area. The almost 1,500 square meters in dehgasse are suitable for residential development. Two or three apartment buildings could be built on the site not far from the church.

– according to mayor horst reuter, work on the construction site of the new fire station with sanitary facilities is in its final stages. The members of the fire department and the sanitary service do the rest of the work. It appears that all work can still be completed this summer.

– the building committee approved the building application of daniela and markus sauerwein, who want to build a residential house with double garage at mainsondheimer strabe 11.

– the council agreed to the tekturplan with change of use to the building project of stefan will. He plans to build in the kirchstrabe 67 a coarse apartment house with two vacation apartments and a private apartment.


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