Racing cardboard and sheet metal

Racing cardboard and sheet metal

A “chicken scare is presented at the 22. Kulmbacher oldtimer-meeting on yesterday sunday on the monchshof-gelande to the talk. This is not an everyday bicycle that has been around for a few decades. Ronald fiedler, an ostalgic from top to toe, calls it his own.
“It is a two-wheeler with an auxiliary motor from the magdeburger armaturenwerke, which, unlike today’s e-bikes, is powered by gasoline.”, the sachse presents the two-wheeled vehicle on the bicycle trailer of his wartburg.
Where does the name come from? The 62-year-old from reichenbach in vogtland shrugs his shoulders. “Because the engine is so loud that it scares the chickens”, says a visitor in passing. The saxon is also proud of his wartburg 311 (“a practical and spacious vehicle”).”) from 1963, which he has been driving for seven years.

Polished to a high shine

It is one of around 800 highly polished automotive treasures that are competing with the summer sun on the monchshof grounds. They attract thousands of visitors. The majority of the vehicles date from the 1950s to the 1970s. But many owners of pre-war vehicles also present their noble pieces to the public. “With the weather being so kind, you can be sure to bring your noble cars home undamaged”, says chairman walter schaller of the oldtimer-stammtisch kulmbach.
Due to the large number of visitors, two halls open their doors on the monchshof grounds, where noble cars from england can be seen.

Tin dolly at the start

When bernd fuhrich sits down in his tin dolly and honks the horn, you think you hear a goat crowing. People stop, both shocked and fascinated. The gold-plated horn and the brass glittering in the summer sun are an eye-catcher. The 63-year-old from neustadt an der waldnaab was allowed to own what is probably one of the oldest vehicles in the world. His handcrafted ford “tin lizzy from australia dates back to 1912. “The three-speed transmission still had to be operated by fubpedal”, declares the classic car fan. This had been habitual. That is why for four weeks he had been driving on the sneaky roads, betrayed me.

A “consul on four wheels

A few decades younger is the ford “consul by siegfried reichert from 1974. He had already driven the brand in his youth before buying another car like this 20 years ago. “Modern vehicles with their electronics beep and squeak everywhere. A classic car, on the other hand, is uncomplicated. In it I feel like young again”, finds the 68-year-old from marktleuthen in the district of wunsiedel.
Andreas henkel from untersteinach likes the unconfused sound of the australian hard rock legend AC/DC and the unconfused eastern car legend “trabant.” When the 57-year-old drives his “trabant station wagon from the year 1989 to a trabant meeting, then he sleeps in the trailer in AC/DC bedlinen.
His car is covered with countless stickers. How did his car become a driving litfabsaule?? “It all started with a glued-on defect. In the end the whole car was covered with stickers”, tells the trabant lover.


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