Radiohead counter hacker

Radiohead counter hacker

The british rock band radiohead has taken an unusual action against data theft. The band released on tuesday about 18 hours of recordings from the time of their third studio album “OK computer”, which was released in 1997.

Fans can download the collection of demos, alternative versions of various songs and live recordings on the website bandcamp for 18 british pounds (about 20 euros). The group wants to donate the proceeds to the climate protection organization extinction rebellion.

According to guitarist jonny greenwood, the background to this was that the material had been hacked beforehand. The data thieves allegedly had a loose money demand of 150.000 pounds, otherwise they wanted to make it public.

But the band beat them to it: “so for 18 pounds you could now find out if we should have paid the loose money,” greenwood wrote on twitter. But at the same time he warned: “it is only interesting on the sidelines. And very, very long.”Perhaps that’s why the unexpectedly released bonus material will only be available for download for 18 days.


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