Reiterswiesen: jennifer passes the crown to tabea

Reiterswiesen: jennifer passes the crown to tabea

“Where do they always get the beautiful girls?? There was an appreciative murmur at the celebrity table when the riddle was solved as to who would wear the lentil spitzer crown this year. “One beauty follows the other”, says city councilor martha muller, when the still acting regent jennifer I. Standing ovations the lentil sharpener crown on tabea I. Ubergab. Elegant appearances in dream dresses. A view like on the red carpet of a gala.

But this is not enough for the beautiful girl. When the very young “blue hussars” killed the legs swing and the princes’ guard – young and in red – twirls exactly in formation over the stage, then you can guess where the princesses come from. Who cultivates the dance sport in the carnival like the fidelia for decades, has then the pleasant agony of the choice with her reprasentants. With tabea I. Represents then also an eigengewachs the fidelia. Grown up only a stone’s throw from the krone hall and from a family that has co-pioneered the reitsch’wies carnival. The happy 23 year old administrative employee sees what is coming as the crowning of her carnival life and wants to enjoy the time happily and consciously.

Ironman swims through garitz lake

The cure was preceded by a funny guessing game, around the new princess. Small videos had been shot. “Does he dare or does he not dare”? The motto for the unusual challenges of selected fidelia activists. Responsible for the shooting, oliver schonwiesner, council of eleven and proud daddy of the new princess. The star of these tests of courage is undoubtedly rainer schubert, this time not as the fidelia’s hope photographer, but as a courageous swimmer. Whoever swims through the lake in enemy territory – namely in garitz – at an eave temperature of five degrees and a water temperature of eight degrees, not only the garitz BTC delegation shouts a threefold “tumpel durst” to, this cool sock rightly celebrates the whole hall.

Till von franken for sabine metz

Klaus multner of the faschingsverband franken (FVF) honors deserving active members of fidelia. The sessionsorden is given to luisa matthes, daniel kleinhenz, lorena zimmermann, michaela ziegler and corinna krzossok. Marco kiesel, receives the order of merit of the FVF for 15 years of active work in the technical department and as the person responsible for setting up the maypole. Sabine metz is allowed to decorate herself with the till of franken. As a dancer, princess, trainer, board member and author of the association’s chronicle, this is a well-deserved reward for her many years of commitment.

Now also a prince?

So it goes – briskly moderated by the chairman mathias buhner and alexander pusch – blow on blow at the proclamation. The dance groups deliver a first proof of their skills. But then follows a premiere, which drives the anger red on the face of the reiterswiesener. A man from poppenroth actually dares to apply for the position of carnival prince for the linsenspitzer. Hermann, alias city councilor klaus bollwein, more or less urged on by wife mathilde (birgit schreiber) wants to become prince herrmann I. For reiterswiesen to finally fulfill mathilde’s dream as princess. Wonderfully coherent satire on the hype surrounding the highest office in carnival.

There is a groovy song to sing along to as a crowning conclusion to a lively proclamation before the bar is stormed. Typical fidelia halt.


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