Rough regional differences in cesarean births

Rough regional differences in cesarean births

The physicians were evaluated risks regionally apparently very differently, it heaped in the “fact check health” of the bertelsmann foundation published on tuesday.

In germany, one in three children is now born by cesarean section – and the trend is rising. 20 years ago, the percentage of cesarean births was only half as high, at 16.2 percent. Reason for this could also be liability issues. One consequence is that many clinics have less and less experience with complicated natural births, said professor petra kolip, health scientist and co-author of the study.

“There are of course situations in which a caesarean section is unavoidable in order to protect the life of mother and child,” kolip conceded. In high-risk situations such as end of the pelvis, birth of twins or a previous caesarean section, where a natural birth is possible in principle, a caesarean section is still very common.

The study states that the problem does not only affect individual districts. “In parts of rhineland-palatinate, bavaria and lower saxony, the caesarean rate is well over 40 percent in some cases, while in several areas in the new federal states it is below 20 percent.” The reasons lay primarily in different risk assessments. Other frequently mentioned reasons, such as the increasing age of the mother or the explicit wish of the parents for a caesarean section, seemed to play only a minor role in explaining the differences.


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