Scope and costs still completely open

Scope and costs still completely open

For several months it has been clear that extensive renovation work is urgently needed in the baroque parish church in grobwenkheim. The first preparatory work is to be started as soon as possible. The “dome of the vorrhon, the parish church of maria himmelfahrt in grobwenkheim, as it is often called, was built between 1765 and 1772 by bonifatius gebner, then abbot of the cistercian monastery of bildhausen, in his hometown. The impressive and artistically significant house of worship now shows such severe damage, clearly visible to visitors from the numerous cracks in the ceiling and walls, that extensive renovation is unavoidable and necessary in the near future. The painting in the interior of the church, but especially the ceiling construction and the roof beam are affected. Some small places on the ceiling have already been exposed and found that the damage is significant.
In the meantime, the diocese of wurzburg has also become involved in the project, because without its financial support the parish cannot afford the renovation. The whole project is to be carried out in three phases. In preparation for the first phase, pastor i. R. Monsignor dr. Benno von bundschuh, monika mauer, richard schleier and burkard ziegler together with thomas karsten from the bishop’s building office in wurzburg, structural engineer dieter federlein and his colleague mathias heuring from bad neustadt as project manager, and restorer george hille from oberelsbach. According to thomas karsten, in the first phase the church must be thoroughly cleaned (“everything that can be reached”) so that ambient air measurements can be carried out with regard to pollutants. “After that, as a protection and safety measure for the church visitors, a flat scaffold is set up”, said karsten. According to dieter federlein, this work should begin no later than the beginning of june 2018.
In the second section, after opening the church roof from auben, the ceiling has to be examined from above for pollutants and measured. After removing the floorboards, the styrofoam balls filled in as dam material have to be sucked off. Only then can the extent of the damage to the beams and laths to which the stucco ceiling is attached be examined. The actual renovation measures, which will be carried out in the third phase, will be decided only then. A statement about the extent and the costs for the reorganization is not possible at present, but only after the extensive examinations. “The scaffolding is urgently needed, as it is currently completely uncertain to what extent the ceiling suspension can still be used”, says karsten. 250,000 euros are planned for the primary work, such as the scaffolding, surveys and safety inspections. No statement can currently be made about the actual costs by the experts. “The bishopric will not let the community down, because this is a very high-quality stucco ceiling with fantastic painting”, said karsten, referring to the considerable costs ahead.


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