Sharp-witted quartet comes up trumps at the knockout

Sharp-witted quartet comes up trumps at the knockout

Four women also ask how much is “wrong” is probably correct, and how much of a lie the truth needs to appear credible. “As soon as you don't do something right, it's already wrong”, they said before the “storbild of public television, which served as a stage backdrop for the performance. Unlike the chancellor, who wanted to convey with the corner of her mouth pointing downward that germany was on the way out, there were no internal communication problems. The manner – another “point of attack their performances – solving their problems by not being there or being absent.

The question of whether or not people think and act logically remains unanswered. Here, the quartet with heike vogel, liz wilczek, kathrin botsch and helen diaz had a decisive advantage, because the majority of the visitors were female, and the few men were “not voluntary” since.

“Men who crave female admiration have come to teuschnitz to learn about a wide variety of women's advantages as well”, the hofer women claimed. Finally, there were provisions such as women's officers, emergency calls for women and parking spaces for women. The women's cabaret often hit the nerve of the time with its virtuoso linguistic acrobatics, to which the “brainless goggle” also contributed with its different television shows made its contribution.

Nimble pensioners

The four women in the second round proved themselves to be lively, sporty pensioners who always have to keep up with their biorhythms. According to the motto “as long as something hurts us, we are still alive!” They showed in words and song how difficult it is to engage in sports in old age.

“We live like lothar matthaus – in a multigenerational house – and we deal with IT for pensioners”, they claimed. With coarse screens and keyboards the mouse sometimes becomes a rat. The numerous visitors could quickly see that the digital world quickly collapses without network reception.

The cabaret artists mercilessly picked apart the absurdity of everyday life with accordion, guitar, piano and other instruments. In a fusion of subtlety, charm, depth and humor, they analyzed the past decades and the changing world. “Nowadays you are rich if you can pay your taxes without going into debt”, they know just as well as they know that the tax law is so complicated that no normal person can see through it.

The director of the haus am knock, hans loffler, had already stated at the women's funeral that “intact” was the only way to go in the meantime had become a self-runner in teuschnitz.


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