Stolpersteine are cleaned

In remembrance of the reich pogrom night of 9. On the 10. November 1938 the coburg jusos call for a demonstration on saturday, 9. November, to clean the stumbling stones.

Bring your cleaning kit

Meeting point for the helpers is the coburg town hall at 1 p.M. You should bring cleaning rags and small buckets with you.

At the same time, the jusos have issued a press release pointing out the commemorative walk for the reichspogromnacht organized by the AG lebendig erinnerungskultur of the DGB, the EBW, the initiative stadtmuseum coburg, the network coburg ist bunt and the city’s local curator. Meeting place is on saturday at 17 o’clock likewise the city hall.

On reichspogromnacht, the NSDAP organized violent actions against citizens of the jewish faith throughout the german reich. In the process, about 400 people were murdered or driven to suicide. More than 1400 synagogues as well as jewish meeting rooms, cemeteries and private residences were destroyed. With the november pogrom, the nazi dictatorship moved to systematically persecute and murder citizens of the jewish faith.

Coburg was no exception: the national socialists used unbelievable brutality against jews still living in the town. They were driven through the city in a stampede, raided their living quarters and offices, and destroyed the prayer room of preacher hirsch, which had been a religious refuge since the synagogue was banned from use in 1932.

To commemorate the coburg victims of national socialism, “stolpersteine gegen das vergessen” (stumbling blocks against forgetting) have been laid since 2009 have been laid. These are located in front of the former residences or places of activity. Since the brass stones lose their shine over time and become discolored, the coburg jusos have been calling for a joint cleaning event every year since 2012.

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