Suckling beaten to death: more than 14 years in prison for father

Suckling beaten to death: more than 14 years in prison for father

For murdering his eight-month-old infant, a father has been sentenced to 14 years and six months in prison by the kempten regional court.

“A child was brought to death in an inhuman and brutal manner,” said the judge at the sentencing hearing on wednesday. The chamber considered it proven that the accused had acted out of base motives and had maltreated the baby in an agonizing way.

The 22-year-old was looking after his son in an apartment in kaufbeuren, bavaria, last august. When the baby did not stop crying, he hit the infant in the face with his fist, threw the body head first against the crib rail, shook and bit the child. The boy died two days later in hospital as a result of brain injuries. The man went after police officers after the crime and broke one’s nose.

The accused was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana during the acts. The court ordered placement in a detention center. The verdict has no legal force.


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