T. Rex still caught in the act after millions of years

T. Rex still caught in the act after millions of years

The typical tooth, wedged in the vertebrae of its prey, shows: tyrannosaurus rex was definitely a hunter and not only a scavenger. This was reported by david burnham of the university of kansas (USA) and his colleagues in the proceedings of the U.S. National academy of sciences (PNAS).

For a long time, researchers had wondered whether the fearsome t. Did rex really hunt prey or was he more of a rough, but lumbering scavenger who feasted on the prey of other, faster dinosaurs?. Researchers have now found a decisive clue at a dinosaur site from the upper cretaceous period (about 65 to 100 million years ago) in north dakota: between the tail vertebrae of a herbivorous hadrosaur, probably an adult edmontosaurus annectens, there was still a pointed, broken-off tooth. It could be clearly identified by its fine serrated edges. It came from the bit of a young T. Rex.

But the decisive clue to the course of the meeting of the animals over 65 million years ago was the fact that the two vertebrae had grown tightly together around the tooth. This means that the hadrosaur had survived the attack for at least a few more months, the wound had healed, and consequently that it had been bitten in the tail as a living animal.

According to the researchers, the position of the tooth between the vertebrae indicates that the young t. Rex pursued his fleeing prey and tried to bring it down in the same way as today’s rough predators do ? By weakening them with crude wounds and finally finally dead. Even though it certainly did not eat carrion, as do modern predators, the find clearly shows that T. Rex was an active hunter, researchers write


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