Telekom: speed brake “too important to row back”

At the same time, he predicted that in five years, all telekom customers will be using different rates than today: “by 2018, we want to switch completely to IP-based services – that’s five years, by then there will probably be completely different rates because there will also be new products.”

The speed limit was first introduced for new customers on thursday when certain data caps were reached, but it is not to take effect before 2016. “If the average customer actually requires significantly more volume than we expect today, we could of course improve the conditions at any time,” van damme promised. Telekom wants to keep prices stable for the vast majority of its customers, he said. One of the concerns is that with the development of web TV services in particular, the current limits set could not be sufficient even for many average users.

It is still too early to talk about rates for additional data quotas, said the head of telekom germany. “Who knows what the tarielt will look like in three years?.”However, the five euros that are currently paid in mobile communications to double the highspeed volume are “a point of reference”.

The manager again rejected the accusation that telekom was putting other providers of online video services at a disadvantage because the use of the company’s own television service entertain was not included in the monthly data quota. It is a separate TV platform. “Our users pay an additional ten euros a month for this service.”Streaming services like maxdome or amazon’s lovefilm were able to negotiate with telekom about integration into entertain. “We will then be able to invest part of these proceeds in network expansion.”

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