The bad kissingen wine festival has long been a hit

Bad kissingen has long proven that even if you don't have your own vineyards, the spa town is still a great place to celebrate with a good wine. In 2011, the wine festival on the market square was initially a trial balloon. But the tasting of the noble wines in summer weather and top music obviously made the guests happy.

Initially came, as the organizers of the zametzer& krohn gbr (poxdorf) estimated, about 6000 people to the event under the open sky. Two years later, there will be 10.000 guests. On 14. August 2019 the next round will start. For five days, the market place is once again the place for a good atmosphere with top wines.

Wine for the working people

Bad kissingen's alliance with the franconian wine can't be dismissed out of hand. The older generation still knows that the spa town and its suburbs were also the scene of a boom up to the 19th century. It is said that in the nineteenth century there was a slope here and there where the vines thrived in a good sunny location.

Already in the 8. In the twenty-first century, winegrowing has even reached as far as the high rhon. Historians report that grape juice was once a popular drink among the working people, but not everyone liked it, for example, because it tasted sour in rainy years.

But the people of bad kissingen can be proud of the fact that the “cradle of franconian wine” has been restored to its former glory only about 20 kilometers away, in hammelburg, you can find. Because one thing is considered proven by an old deed of gift: in the year 777, karl der grobe gave the “hamelum castelum” to the prince-bishopric of fulda, so the city of hammelburg, ubertragen. Since that time the abbots of fulda went to their wineries in hammelburg, and the wine transport from there to fulda flourished. It is historically documented that the route led via bad bruckenau (today the B 27).

Hammelburg winemakers with

It is clear that the hammelburg winery will play a leading role in the wine event in bad kissingen. This year, the wineries ruppert and schloss saaleck will offer a variety of noble wines. But it can be assumed that the keller winery from ramsthal will also be taking noble wines out of stock. According to the organizers, a total of 30 franc wines of current vintages can be tasted.

The fact that the wine festival attracts so many people during the five days is a great pleasure for the city and the organizer joachim krohn. How this came about? In his opinion, this also has something to do with the spa guests and tourists who spend time here in bad kissingen in the summer, says krohn when asked about the project. Because it is of course great to be served the famous franconian wine at the same time as you arrive at your vacation destination.

For the weinfest-friends we always come up with something new, says the gbr-chief. A few years ago they introduced the swabian dinnede, a kind of tarte flambee, from the rustic wood oven. Since 2018 there will also be grilled fish. And this year the burger truck is the new attraction.

With music and wine

To get the fans in the right mood, there will be lots of music during the five days of the festival. Who has been there more often, knows that the rossinis are always booked on the first day. On 14. August from 6 p.M. On, they heat up the audience with hot latin rhythms and catchy tunes from the 1950s and 1960s. Bernardo, umberto and claudio are simply on it – bella italia lets dig.

On holiday, 15. August, it's about 13.30 o'clock with play again sam: roland, hannes and hartmut present everything possible from bob marley to black eyed peas and from u2 to taio cruz. At 6 p.M. The l.A. Satellites with classic rock, soul and reggae on it.

It will be interesting to see who will be part of the jets duo this time, which has been selected for the 16. August at 14 o'clock on the market place announced. In any case, there are two musicians from the core group of the jets. Gerry james was definitely allowed to be part of it. And who is the second in the group? Tuncay tercanli or george pavicic? Finally, at 7 p.M., the group heaven takes the stage with rock and pop music from the 1980s.

And at the end the jets

Saturday was dedicated to coti& rotti (from 2 pm) and the wild bobbin' baboons (from 7 pm). Kusangs is the name of the allegedly youngest rock 'n' roll band in germany, which will be performing on the weinfest stage on sunday from 12 noon. Ludwig, toni and albert are actually cousins too.

Ten years of stage experience obviously pay off, because with their repertoire of rock classics, disco numbers and rockabilly songs they are very popular with their fans.And then on sunday there were the jets (from 6 pm), the cult band par excellence.

But the city of bad kissingen has also become a cult town for the band, as former organizer helmut schmidt once said. Because in the spa town they heat up every year at the end of summer at the saline festival – a date that is supposedly marked in red in the band's calendar.


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