The central franconian carp season is open

the central franconian carp season is open

Punctually at the beginning of september – the first “r-month” in autumn – on saturday the chairman of the pond cooperative aischgrund, walter jakob, and the chairman of the association karpfenland aischgrund, gerald brehm, opened the carp season in the district of central franconia.

The reason for this, apart from the exactly fitting date, was the kirchweih in muhlhausen, where people have been eating well at the jakob’schen fischerhof for 16 years now. Numerous guests of honor from the european delegate for agriculture and rural development albert deb (CSU) from brussel, to the chairman of the pond cooperative of upper franconia peter thoma, the members of the state parliament christa matschl (CSU) and eduard noth (CSU, upper franconia) and the district administrator eberhard irlinger (SPD) were present.

Also present were their highnesses carp queen barbara i. From the county of erlangen-hochstadt and carp princess katrin I. From the district of neustadt/aisch-bad windsheim. “Welcome to franconia was the motto under which the evening with kerwasbieranstich by mayor klaus faatz (CSU) with the carp majesties and seasonal opening stood.

Tastes? – bassd scho!

“Bassd scho” is the highest praise in franken, according to jakob in his speech, in which he emphasized the advantages of this part of bavaria and especially of the aischgrund “bassd scho” (bassd is good) said also brehm with the consumption of the first official carp, which was crisply roasted and ceremoniously presented by jakob’s son lukas to the guests in the festival tent.

The guests were all full of praise for the work of the pond keepers and the good quality that is produced in the aischgrund. Even the ordinary kirchweih visitors appreciated the fish delicacies offered in the tent. Two-year-old emma likes this food at all – four-year-old tim has a more precise view: “i don’t like fish at all. But carp, I like to eat it very much”. So it was once again to see that at the muhlhausen kerwa everyone finds the right thing for his taste, whether it’s about food or about whatever else.

Difficult kerwabaum fall

there was already a need to follow in the afternoon: the kerwas boys put up the spruce – two, to be precise: one at fischjakob’s, and the very official one on the market square at the gasthof bar. They easily managed to line up. Under the leadership of the “osser, who has been skilfully directing the uprising for 30 years, this was done according to plan. Difficulties had rather arisen with the fall. “Well” rafael “the crown of the first tree was broken off immediately. And the second one, caught in a fork in the branch with the copper. But we did it – we got it out and now it’s there.”

Rafael’s father comes from the netherlands, but he himself attaches great importance to being a native of muhlhausen: “otherwise i couldn’t join the boys here”, he smiles. Over the years, he has worked his way up to the top of the “fichtnaufstellen” (fichtn installation), a position he has held for several years – the young ones start at the top.”


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