The market town of heiligenstadt wants to found a limited company

The municipality of heiligenstadt wants to found a company. This was decided by the market town council. This company is to be entrusted with the tasks in connection with broadband expansion.

Attorney alexander ruhrmann presented the draft articles of incorporation to the committee and answered questions together with wolfgang och from the bavarian municipal auditing association. The lawyer confused the audience with the statement that the company will be established to cover also the white spots of the community. Alexander stocklein (BN) was surprised, as he assumed that the current demand for broadband expansion would apply to the entire community. Therefore, mayor helmut kramer (CSU/unity) explained that the company would be founded in order to be able to react more quickly to future demands. Ruhrmann explained that it is common in operator models for a company that is 100 percent owned by the municipality to take over the tasks of broadband construction.

Alexander stocklein was not yet completely satisfied. He wondered who would then decide on extensions, since it would no longer be the market town council. Kramer explained that the gmbh makes such decisions. The advantage is that the band can react quickly when funds have to be requested. Anke kraasz (BN) also wanted to be sure and asked: “do I understand this correctly: it remains the case that every household will be connected to broadband?” Kramer confirmed.

Ruhrmann explained that the company would become the owner of the passive infrastructure: “the municipality would no longer have anything to do with it. But the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the municipality.”

The name of the company is to be “breitband markt heiligenstadt i. Ofr. Gmbh” read. It is to take over the planning, implementation, operation and expansion of the broadband supply. Johannes hosch (CSU) suggested that “other services” should also be included to include. The share capital is set at 50,000 euros. Anke kraasz asked how this would be financed. Ruhrmann answered that there was a demand for it, the rest had to be paid by the market community.

The managing director, rudiger schmidt, was named as the managing director. Elisabeth dicker (CSU) commented that schmidt was “already full of work” he was asked if they would like to give him more work. She also saw no point in a gmbh and later voted against it. Kramer argued that managing director schmidt was already on the subject and was the best choice.

The shareholders’ meeting should consist of mayor helmut kramer. “Then I hold meetings with me”, joked kramer. He can give the management instructions. Anke kraasz asked whether the meeting would not also approve the actions of the managing director. Ruhrmann explained that he was fully liable and that he should be given time off. The supervisory board should consist of the chairmen of the parliamentary groups and the mayor.

The council, however, wanted to appoint a representative of their group themselves. In addition, the market town council is to be informed regularly. “There shouldn’t be mistrust right from the start”, said kramer, and anke kraasz argued that for the sake of transparency the market town council should be informed regularly.

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