The schutzengau honors the konigshauser

For the gau delegates' meeting in the guard house of the lichtenfels guard society, the host guard master erwin kalb was able to welcome 40 participants from 29 clubs and associations. Welcome societies.

Already before the arriving participants were buried loudly by a bollerschutzen section. The meeting was chaired by klaus jentsch, the district's fire chief.

The deputy state shooter hans-peter gabelein said that the future of the BSSB depends on successful youth work. That is why greater emphasis is placed on the demand for new members. After talent centers have already been established in some districts, the establishment of a talent center in northern bavaria is now also being considered. During a discussion, a member of a guardian society from the district of kronach complained about the steady decline in membership, since the deaths and resignations are only offset by a few new registrations. All actions to recruit members had failed. A problem that other clubs also have. A sportsman from the coburg area wished for an equalization of the competition program at the gaumeisterschaft, where several disciplines are carried out on one day, so that it became too exhausting for multiple starters. This is not possible because of the lack of staff in the stand supervision, explained the gausportleiter gunter schlenzig. 


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